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July 30th 2006
Published: August 22nd 2006
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The RosesThe RosesThe Roses

This is part of the Rose Garden by the bridge.
I spent a total of three weeks in Bad Kissingen (that’s pronounced “Bod” Kissingen) between 07 May and 30 July. I was there for training classes related to my job, but spent my off time exploring the town. It’s a spa town, apparently full of healing waters, and, thus, spas. Many of the residents fit into the category of wealthy elderly. But I guess you can’t blame them, because residents say that no one who lives in the town dies young (i.e. in their 80s) unless by accident. I visited the KissSalis Therme twice while I was there. I explored the various indoor and outdoor pools, the hot tubs, the saunas, the lazy river, and I am happy to report that the only nakedness I was exposed to was in the showers. I also got a massage. Not the best I’ve ever had, but then I’m too cheap to buy the expensive massage treatments.

The town is also very famous for their immense garden. There wasn’t much blooming on my first trip, but by the time I returned in July, the gardens were alive. It was not only beautiful, but the aroma was amazing.

I also spent a large amount of time downtown wandering through the pedestrian zone. I admit it - I’m weak: I bought some clothes. Unfortunately, though, I did not purchase a large enough store of Sangria-flavored gummies. But oh, the memories.

The last week I stayed in Bad Kissingen I was at the Hotel Dösch - Bayerischer Hof. The room itself was only OK, but I feel it’s worth mentioning not only because of the extreme proximity to both the pedestrian zone and the river and garden, but because of their restaurant. I’m a big fan of food, and I ate in the hotel restaurant every night but one. The main reason for this was because they actually had a menu with multiple steak dinners (real steak dinners like I had become accustomed to back home are a rarity here in Germany) and they were all delicious.

I also want to note that located in Bad Kissingen is the castle ruin Bodenlaube. It is on a hill and so the perfect spot to spend a sunset as the castle looks down over the whole town and the wide and seemingly endless fields and forests surrounding it.

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There were flowers absolutely everywhere.
A Typical German RestaurantA Typical German Restaurant
A Typical German Restaurant

This is a quaint little restaurant located downtown that a group of us ate at one night.
The Bavarian Casino of Bad KissingenThe Bavarian Casino of Bad Kissingen
The Bavarian Casino of Bad Kissingen

I don't know when the casino was built, but it houses a roulette table from 1839.
The Bodenlaube RuinsThe Bodenlaube Ruins
The Bodenlaube Ruins

Here is a view of the Bodenlaube ruins at night.
Bad Kissingen and BeyondBad Kissingen and Beyond
Bad Kissingen and Beyond

A view from the Bodenlaube ruins.
The Girlz!The Girlz!
The Girlz!

Sarah, me, Tawny, and Meredith at the Bodenlaube Ruins.

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