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Published: June 16th 2007
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Tiny ChurchTiny ChurchTiny Church

A little chapel nestled in the heart of the Black Forest.
We greeted our first full day in Germany with a lovely long lie-in that saw us emerging at gone 10am into the gorgeous summer sun. Gone were the rainclouds of yesterday and the world looked like a much cheerier place for it. We tucked in to one of my favourite German foodstuffs for breakfast - Bretzeln! They are like pretzels but much bigger, freshly baken and bready rather than crunchy. I was a happy bunny indeed.

That´s more than can be said for my sister however, as she was looking worse today than she did yesterday despite sleeping for almost 12 hours. She was sick all through the night so didn´t put up a fight when we suggested she see a doctor. Glynn and I tagged along for the ride to the clinic and then joined Franziska for a trip to the supermarket. It may not sound very exotic to you but one of the things I love most about travelling is all the cool food you just can´t get a home. We picked out a few things for dinner tonight along with a crate of 20 beers (less than 9 quid a crate!) that should last us a
Home FrontHome FrontHome Front

Even though I have been here many times, it still amazes me that people really do live in houses like this - they´re not just for pretty postcards!
while ;-)

Back at the clinic, Esther had been seen and the doctor was concerned she may have appendicitis so wanted to run some tests. She was told she would be kept in hospital overnight for observation as they couldn´t be sure exactly what was causing her all this pain and sickness but ultimately something is very wrong with her, the poor soul. We headed home to pick up some things for her and later went to visit her in her hospital bed. I´ve never seen my sister in hospital before and seeing her hooked up to an IV drip was a little worrying but she assured me she was feeling better for being in hospital rather than at home at the moment. Glynn got all creative and fashioned Jish a little doctor´s outfit out of some paper towels, which looks totally cool and is bound to score Jish even more points with the ladies! We left him with Esther in the hospital to oversee her very important medical care. Our Jish a doctor? We´re so proud!

My father and Franziska left us at the hospital as they had been invited to one of my uncle´s 70th birthday
Sprechen Sie Deutsch?Sprechen Sie Deutsch?Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Jish gets straight to work on learning the local lingo.
bash and would be staying there overnight. With Esther in hospital, that meant Glynn and I would be spending the night alone in the apartment. We took a nice long walk back to the flat, stopping along the way at the supermarket again to pick up some Erdnuss Flips which are like peanut flavoured Wotsits and you just can´t get them in England, right Lee? Don´t worry, we´ll bring you some back!

We contemplated heading into the town centre this evening as there is a bit of a town festiva going on today but my recently twisted ankle protested at the thought of a long walk. Instead, we cooked a nice German dinner of potato fritters with apple sauce and Glynn tucked in to a variety of smoked pork bits while I mucnhed on some tasty kohlrabi, a vegetable that again is hard to find back home. Glynn reckons it tastes like a cross between an apple and a cauliflower. It remnds me more of the sweet heart of a white cabbage. Either way, it was lovely to have some again. We washed our dinner down with a cola beer which really did taste like beer with coke in
Paging Dr JishPaging Dr JishPaging Dr Jish

My poor sister may not be lucky to be in hospital but at least she´s got the very handsomeDr Jish to keep an eye on her!
it. I like being back in Germany!


17th June 2007

poosr sis
hi kids glad you got there safe hope esther gets well soon let us no how she gets on love to you all from mom and dad x x for jish x x

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