Tübingen and the End of the Paola Era

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March 22nd 2010
Published: March 22nd 2010
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THREE WORDS I loved Tübingen! Thus far, it is my favorite city. The whole feel of this city is soo amazing. Granted, I did go on the first Spring-like day of the year. The sky was so blue and there were people everywhere. Moods were lifted. Also...might I add...that half the population are college students. I had amazing Italian ice cream. YUM!
Good company always makes a trip extra special. The reason I discovered this fantastic town was because of Lidia. Lidia is a good friend I've met at the Goethe. She has been in SHA since September. What a great person to be around. She is always smiling and carries back up clown noses in her bag. We enjoyed nostalgically going through bookstores and looking at all the little children's books. I even bought some for my future German classroom (yikes!).
When we finally decided to eat lunch, we went in a little pub, the oddest thing happened there (that would probably never happen in the U.S.). There was a dog running around. He would jump up on the both and we would literally have to shoo him away. I've honestly never experienced anything like it...in a restaurant that is...
After that, we walked through the park and saw GREENERY! Everything was beautiful but muddy. We saw a castle (big shock there) and I learned part of the castle is now being used as part of the University. My favorite greenery has to be the weeping willow that leans slightly over the river...Did I mention I love Tübingen?
After our delightful day it was time to take the train home...on the way to the train station I passed a bus with a tiger on it (See BLOG entitled ROAR).

The End of the Paola Era

The end of February was also the time to say goodbye to Paola. After being in SHA for 3 months, she was heading back to Italy. Goethe will definitely never be the same. Someone had to keep it interesting. 😉 She left me with all of her food and several other odds and ends. I will forever remember my trip in two parts...when Paola was here and when she wasn't. LOL.

After thoughts...

There are a few things I didn't remember to mention in the last blog about Heidelberg.

* I saw the worlds largest Keg.
* The castle was one of the most beautiful I had seen.
* I did a lot of shopping.
*I met this really nice older gentlemen from whom I bought a gift for Mom...can't give it away. 😉

Talk to you on the flip side!

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24th March 2010

giiiiirl! I am happy you liked it! But I also think we loved it that much because we went that day, where the sun was shining after a looooooooooooooooooong time of snow, snow, and... did i mention snow???! But yeah, it was such a nice town :) Thank you for the things you said about me, omg I like you think that :D. There's gonna be a before and an after this trip.. and maybe not only because of the city :P Enjoy Easter and your triiip!!!!! I'll see you next course :D. Lots of kisses :))))) Lídia

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