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June 14th 2008
Published: October 8th 2008
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The Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Print Media AcademyThe Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Print Media AcademyThe Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Print Media Academy

Another side of the city, not seen in my other Heidelberg blogs. This horse sculpture and building are across from the train station (Hauptbahnhof).
My final days in this beautiful country are filled with packing and errands, cleaning and shipping and selling vehicles, taking the cat to the vet, packing some more, cleaning the house and cleaning it again... nothing spectacularly interesting, except that I can't help stealing a few moments here and there to revisit some favorite places and take some photographs to ensure my memories stay clear.

I'll miss the scenery, the mountains and forests, the winding rivers. I'll miss the architecture, the endless castles and castle ruins lining the hilltops, and the skillful mix of the very old and the very modern. The little towns you could spend all day walking about, enjoying shops and coffee. I'll miss the Autobahns, the way the Germans drive on the right, pass of the left, and get out of your way if you're going faster than them, and also the ability to drive fast to conserve expensive gasoline. I'll miss the food. The schnitzel, the beer, the wine - the LOCAL beers and wines - the cafes on every corner, the chocolates, the pastries, the salami, the quark. I'll miss all the Thai restaurants and I'll REALLY miss all the Italian restaurants and their
Train Station DudeTrain Station DudeTrain Station Dude

Statue at the train station. We love this guy.
pizzas and pastas and wines. I'll miss the leisurely pace of Germany and the expectancy that you'll sit at a restaurant table for as long as you like, eating and drinking and socializing, until you're all good and ready to leave.

And for everything I'll miss and find myself yearning for in the near future, there was a part of me that was, actually, good and ready to leave. It was time. Time for me to return to a familiar environment where I could get the dishes I was craving from the restaurants I grew up with and where I could shop at the stores that carried all the products of groceries, furniture, and clothes that I had come to love over many years. Time for me to start paying for everything in U.S. Dollars again instead of the pricey Euro. Time for me to be closer to family (relatively, anyway) and to be able to call people in the same time zone and for a much cheaper rate. Time for us to be in a place where we can move on with our lives.

This blog contains photos of some of my favorite things about Heidelberg, some
Our BMWsOur BMWsOur BMWs

The last time our two cars were together, just before we shipped my 328 and we sold his 325 with the wonderful M engine. Sigh. It's always sad to say goodbye.
of the things I’ll really miss, and some of the things that were just there every day, a familiar part of life. Auf Wiedersehen for now, Heidelberg. Perhaps we’ll meet again in the future.

Additional photos below
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Oh yeah - a nice, big, juicy schnitzel the size of my head, along with the spaetzle noodles (above right) and a cold beer. In the back you can see my hubby's rumpsteak - about the only steak you can find in Germany. I'll miss the schnitzel! And the beer.

I LOVE Haribo!!! I shall miss the vast selection available in Germany. The bears are still my favorite, but I love the Happy Cherries and Weinland, too!
Kinder Eggs!Kinder Eggs!
Kinder Eggs!

Mmmm!!! Yummy milk and white chocolate with tiny toys inside!!

The Galeria Kaufhof is a huge department store. This one is located downtown at the end of the Hauptstrasse (pedestrian zone). To the left is Bismarkplatz (a main city transportation hub) and to the right, a Woolworth, which we saw all over Germany.
Driving the AutobahnDriving the Autobahn
Driving the Autobahn

Here I'm driving my car down Autobahn 5, crossing the Rhine River.

Recycle and Conserve. Should be Germany's motto.

Germany's Wine Road - that can't be bad! ...I'll miss seeing vineyards everywhere.
Quaint TownsQuaint Towns
Quaint Towns

Lots of buildings clustered together to form one of many towns found scattered about the many fields and between the many forests of Germany.

Heidelberg's Hauptstrasse is the very, very long pedestrian zone. I once read somewhere it was the longest in Europe. Lots of great stores and restaurants. Also museums, and in this photo you can see the big Gothic church in the center.
Our local StarbucksOur local Starbucks
Our local Starbucks

The Starbucks downtown. We bought coffee (and pastries) at a lot of Starbucks all over Germany, but it was usually a matter of convenience, as Starbucks tended to be easy to find and open when other coffee shops weren't. And now I'm addicted.
The Taste of ThailandThe Taste of Thailand
The Taste of Thailand

Our favorite Thai restaurant in Heidelberg. Located in a beautiful town square along the Hauptstrasse.
The Golden LambThe Golden Lamb
The Golden Lamb

Restaurant with typical German fare. Only ate here a few times, but it had excellent food.
Entry to Parking Garage 13Entry to Parking Garage 13
Entry to Parking Garage 13

Entrance to a garage on the Hauptstrasse. I just liked the photo.

Because there's no such thing as an elevator in Germany.
Candy and BratwurstCandy and Bratwurst
Candy and Bratwurst

Candy and Bratwurst stands set up along the Hauptstrasse for no particular reason, except to sell good food.

Just up the Neckar River from Heidelberg. I just love driving down the road and seeing a castle or fort hanging out in the forest or on the side of a hill.

The street we lived on in Heidelberg.
Me over the Neckar RiverMe over the Neckar River
Me over the Neckar River

I loved hanging out at the Heidelberg castle. This is a nice view from the castle gardens looking down on the Neckar River, the Old Town, and the hills of the Odenwald forest.
The Heidelberg CastleThe Heidelberg Castle
The Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle at night.

9th October 2008

Yep... I Miss 'em too
Really, I do miss the expansive selection of Haribo candies available almost anywhere in Germany. And the quality booze too :) Hopefully we'll see future posts about your current/future locations. Just saying...
18th November 2008

Gute alte Deutchland
Thanks for reminding me of all the things I'm going to miss, too. :( Actually, the Schnitzel tops my list with the Autobahn coming in second place. It already seems like forever ago.

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