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July 25th 2012
Published: July 30th 2012
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Baden-Baden to Alzey

We were lucky to find a nice hotel late on our ride north. Before now, we had never heard of Alzey. Not much there but this nice B. Western hotel with a great chef.


This is the view from our Hotel Beek room.
Wednesday-another great weather day

Originally we had planned to spend two nights here but we discovered two reasons to reconsider. First, there was no air conditioning and second, our second floor window opened just above the square with folks walking, drinking, and even singing the night away. In Vienna, we prayed for hot weather and now got our prayers answered. It was about 90 degrees in our room that night.

So, our plan today was to experience the famous Roman-Irish Bath (Friedrichsbad) here early and then to drive north towards the Rhine River Valley.

The facility was built during the Roman Empire days. It uses the natural hot springs in the area for all the heating and hot baths. We had read all about this in the R. Steves guide book but were still a little concerned about the au natural aspect. As it turned out we were very lucky that we came early.

We bought the full "monty" so to speak. That is, we got all the normal stuff plus two different style massages. Jackie and I used the same locker and walked out with towels wrapped around us. We were told by this pretty blonde

I'm very relaxed after the morning bath.
woman to place our towels aside and take showers before moving into the next room. Since no one else was there but me, Jackie and the blonde, I just got naked and jumped into the cold water to calm down.

This went on for three hours! The last bit was funny. They got us to lay down in a room full of beds, then covered us with warm towels and blankets. This was the "sleeping room." We slept. After about 30 minutes, I woke, then Jackie.

This was a strange and memorable experience. When we left the place was full of naked people. So, if you come to do this, be there early.

After this we walked around the town a little then loaded up for the drive to the Rhine. Since we had no reservations, we needed a plan. We first thought that we could use the wi-fi at a McDonald's to find a hotel near Bacharack but we discovered that you must have a German phone number to use the McDonald wi-fi in Germany. So, after a stop there to try we moved on about 2pm.

After a couple of hours driving, we picked

This is the famous casino here. Only, you need to wear a business coat to enter.
up on our GPS that there was a Best Western hotel in the area of the highway in Alzey, Germany. We stopped there for the night.

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Jackie is relaxed too. I think she enjoyed the massage. I need to learn to do that for her.

30th July 2012

The Full Monty!
Boy, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall as you unrobed but sounds like a super thing to do! Glad you are having a blast.. You need to go to Boppard for lunch or a beer as you travel down the Rhine River! We stopped there over night in 1974 and then went back with Patty, Pam & Lisa a few years ago. Some great vino around that area too! Have one for me and John! love ya..
31st July 2012

smile--- you are on candid camera
Those Romans.... certainly knew how to start a party ... ahh what is it? The early bird gets the worm??

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