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July 16th 2012
Published: July 6th 2017
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Mirepoix marketMirepoix marketMirepoix market

Mirepois market day: olive vendor
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Yesterday (Sunday) we decided to take a day off the bikes and headed into Toulouse to explore more of the town. We had mastered riding the Metro and easily navigated our way around town and back.
Monday, July 16, was Janet's birthday, so she picked the route for the day. After morning birthday wishes we headed southeast towards the country of Andorra, to the walled city of Mirapoix for market day. This was another large one, taking in about four square blocks of the Medieval town. Just like in Sarlat there were all types of vendors. Something new though were live poultry vendors. We watched a lady buy a pair of live ducks which she took home flapping as she held them tied by the feet. We also found a vendor selling hens in a cage, each with about 6-8 chicks – an instant poultry farm! Another novelty was an old-fashioned knife sharpening artisan. Gunther got his pocket knife sharpened - razor sharp!
While the girls spent the next hour shopping, the guys drank more great coffee and sampled a number of pastries.
After a quick stop at an antique store, we headed west into the Pyrenees,
Market squareMarket squareMarket square

Mirepoix market day: in the town square
traveling some of the previous day's route of the Tours de France. Along the way we passed another amazing mountaintop castle, Chateau de Montsegur. We stopped in the charming village of Quillan for lunch and enjoyed the sun at along a beautiful stream. Finally we headed north to Limoux, where we stopped for a break and to enjoy the 3-star fleurie (flower) village square before heading back to Toulouse.
That evening, we decided to try a local restaurant for 'birthday' dinner, and enjoyed a glorious meal and a bottle of Champagne, of course. Our wonderfully hospitable chef, “Mama,” provided the evening's entertainment.

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Fresh poultryFresh poultry
Fresh poultry

Mirepoix market: hen with chicks for sale
Knife sharpeningKnife sharpening
Knife sharpening

Mirepoix market day: Gunther gets his knife hand sharpened

Stream through Quillan

Limoux France
Birthday dinner in ToulouseBirthday dinner in Toulouse
Birthday dinner in Toulouse

Birthday dinner with champagne and chef ('Mama')

18th July 2012

Happy Birthday Janet!!!
18th July 2012

Happy belated bday Janet!!
19th July 2012

Your card is at home, but my love and best wishes are with you at "Mama's"! Happy, happy birthday!!!! Just home from my vacation--beach bums until the last minute of vacation.

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