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May 8th 2013
Published: June 28th 2013
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I only managed to get about 4 hours sleep last night as I'm so paranoid I'll sleep in. It's always the same when I know I need to get up at a certain time, so I toss and turn in a light sleep until the alarm finally goes off at 7.30am. It's officially what the scots would class as a 'minging' day - cold, grey and raining. We definitely feel like we're on our way home. The roads are horrible as we make our way to Calais, and the windscreen wiper nearly comes off again. Not ideal when pissing with rain, and we'll definitely need to get that sorted when we get back. Hold on Charlie- not much longer now!

The plan is to get to Calais early so we can go to the Carrefour supermarket and stock up on some cheese, almonds and cheap booze, but we get completely lost and spend an hour driving around the outskirts of the centre. It doesn’t help there are roadworks everywhere and we soon give up and head for the ferry port hungry, miserable and defeated.

Thankfully there’s no delays, and after a panicky moment where Charlie won’t start, we make our way onto the ferry for our 1 hr crossing. There’s not really much to report from the crossing- it was full of English and French caravaners heading/returning from holiday, lots of sea and overpriced coffee.

Once we arrive back in Britain, we drill ‘drive on the left’ continuously into our heads and get on our way. The drive to Walsall takes about 4 hours and we arrive to find a smiling familiar face in the form of Sam, our mate we met in Australia. It’s so nice to see him again and we have a great night talking about old times and their future wedding plans. And we're delighted at the suggestion of a curry- I don't think I could handle another plate of tapas (not for a while anyway) and it doesn't disappoint. As we turn in for the night, we come to the realisation that the journey is over and reflect on all the great things we've seen and done. It's been a blast- the weather certainly could have been better but we're glad we've done it. Viva Espana!


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