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May 7th 2013
Published: June 28th 2013
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The thought of driving for at least 10 hours today is not inspiring me to get going, but we're on the home stretch now and needs must. As much as we've had a great and really eye-opening tour of Spain, I think we're both ready to head home and just relax for a while. I think Charlie also feels the same. I used to mock people who went on about getting home to 'have a cup of tea, put a washing on and put their feet up' but now I get it- I can think of nothing better either (N.B - for the youngsters amongst you out there, it will happen to you one day too, I can almost guarantee it will happen, so no mocking!). We once again try and phone the hotel in Rouen but the woman is totally offended that we would even ask the absurd question that she speaks English. So we'll just need to rock up tonight and hope for the best. As 10 hour drives go, this one actually isn't too bad. I drive for the first half while Greg plays dj on the car cd player (some good tunage for the record) then we swap over half way through (me- not so good tunage). It's sandwiches for dinner tonight as its looking unlikely that we'll reach the hotel before 11pm.

The journey is surprisingly uneventful for us and yet again we stumble upon the hotel without any directions (albeit we have to drive around the city centre for a while). As we approach we can see that there is no reception and check in is via a touch screen machine. We gingerly type in our reference number and are not surprisingly told it can't find our reservation. We pay for another room instead and even though it isn't expensive at 28 quid a night, Greg is seething, especially when he sees our 'room' which looks like a plastic prison kitted out from ikea with bunkbeds and a toilet that wouldn't be out of place on an aeroplane but hey, we're here and I'm happy. Initially I had visions that we'd end up driving around until 6am like we did on our way to France in the winter. After winding down with a few episodes of American dad (we thought we’d mix it up tonight- oh how crazy we are) and a rancid vending machine coffee (the hotel's equivalent of a restaurant) we try to get some sleep.


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