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April 2nd 2005
Published: April 2nd 2005
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Arrived into sunny, warm Lyon today for a week long skiing holiday - great view from the plane of flat green farmland all around? Where the heck are the mountains? Those of you who know me will be thinking that is typical of Little Miss Geography Teacher !!

I had a fair idea of where I was headed but expected to be able to see evidence of hills and snow from the aeroplane - it was at that point I realised I probably had a long bus journey ahead of me in search of some snow that was worthy of hiring skis!!

Sitting at the exit definately has its advantages - extra leg room being the main one but I also managed to be first off the plane and the first to get my luggage and out to the bus park. However, I am a fairly infrequent flyer where charter - treat you like cattle - flights are concerned and didn't realise that I was about to spend the next hour sitting on a bus that was not going anywhere until the last two people from the last plane had located their luggage and correct bus :-(

Once we were all packed onto the bus we were eventually ready to leave and we were on our way South-East (I think) towards Italy in search of the rapidly melting snow.


27th April 2005

My hoilday in Dubai!!
I went to Dubai over easter for 17 days. It was the hoilday of a life time.My aunt and uncle have moved out there for a couple of years on busiess. So we went there and stayed with them. It was fab.it is so warm out there. There are plenty of things to do for all ages!From shopping malls, to the famous Wild Wadi!!, to the 7 star hotel.We visited every were possible!!The beach clubs are so pretty and very clean. The staff of all the outlets are so nice and friendly. They make it a pleasure to be there!!I am counting the days to go back. - Rachel Rodger

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