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May 27th 2011
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Another full day of driving today to get well south, to Lyon. Warm, sunny weather has temporarily disappeared but confident it will be back soon. Not a problem for a driving day and it was sunny for some of it. Everything does look so much prettier under a blue sky rather than a cloudy grey one and hopeful it will be warm again tomorrow as too chilly to eat outside today.
We drove through some lovely countryside heading due south. Bob had managed to find a pretty direct route which involved no motorways and the roads were generally very good. All except for a mini detour organised by Clarissa Tomtom, who decided to cut 100 yards off our route by taking us through a tiny village with very narrow streets and lots of bendy bits. Gave her a good talking to when we got out the other side.

We lunched by the side of the Bourgogne canal which we followed for quite a distance and drove for quite a way through vineyard countryside which is always lovely. Our route bypassed all towns of any size, Beaune, Dijon but by the time we got to the approaches to Lyon we met quite a lot of traffic and did crawl along for the last hour.
Very pleased to get to our campsite which is on the outskirts, 10km out, of Lyon and very conveniently placed for travel into the city. We have instructions and tickets and will get a bus and then the metro tomorrow.
Having wifi problems as most of the time the signal does not extend to me here, in the motorhome on a pitch reasonably close to reception. Had to take the laptop up to the bar so I could upload my travel blogs for the first 3 days of the trip as it was impossible to maintain any connection at all at the last campsite. Shouldn’t complain – when we started motorhoming in 2003 we didn’t have any internet connection at all.
Campsite is "Camping Indigo Lyon"

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