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March 14th 2009
Published: July 26th 2009
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Dan Moss popping the question to his beloved girlfriend Rachel meant that a joyous occasion would soon be upon us.....another stag do! Dan took the lead in organising this (and as Rach says she wishes he put half as much effort into organising the actual wedding day!) and we're massively grateful as it turned out to be the best trip away yet! A week of skiing and snow-boarding in Chamonix all the while holed up in a luxury chalet complete with WI-FI, jacuzzi,sky tv and even better a dishwasher! This was taking boys club up a notch!

The usual dawn start got us into Chamonix and to our chalet without a problem and we were soon exploring the town, tucking into the traditional meal out at an Italian restaurant (will we ever do a boys club without one!) before hitting the town that evening. We got our first taste of just how pricey a night out in one of the most fashionable ski resorts in the alps could be, with €9 single vodka and mixers greeting us at the late bar we stayed into until the early hours. Moss was already on good stag form, being drunk enough to think
Mossikins with hat...Mossikins with hat...Mossikins with hat...

Unfortunately my snaps aren't as artistic as Nug's!!
that a late night photo shoot with the hat that Shaun had found on the floor of the club being a good idea. Nug turned out to be quite the camera-smith - charming some great modelling shots out of Mossikins!!

The next day it was time for the real business of skiing and snow-boarding. Brad, Adam and I were the skiers, and having all had experience we headed straight for the reds and blues of Le Tour. Moss, Shaun, Nug, Finn and Andy were the snow-boarders with a total of about 4 hours at Tamworth snow dome between them, so they booked a private lesson and headed off to the green slopes to learn their craft. That morning, Moss had got ready for the day in all his brand new snow-boarding gear and come up to join us in the lounge. He seemed slightly crestfallen to find out that he needn't have bothered splashing out on boarding clothing as we had thoughtfully provided it for him!! However, I think the expression on his face was more to do with the fact we were forcing him to wear a neon purple 80's all in one woman's ski suit that was a couple of sizes too small for him, rather than any worry about having wasted some of his own cash on unnecessary gear!

Given the spread of skill levels and experience we tended to mix up skiing together as a group on the greens, with breaking off into smaller groups to tackle some more challenging stuff when people felt the need. The weather was pretty kind to us all the way through, and the snow covering was absolutely brilliant - nice and deep with a couple of fresh dumps during the week to provide some great powder. One of these was timed absolutely brilliantly for our first night when we didn't hit Chamonix which was on Tuesday. Instead we stayed off the booze (mainly!) watched the champions league and this meant that I was up and able to get onto the first lifts at a place called "les grandes montets", a resort that was purely reds and blacks, so not really suitable for the rest of the guys. I've skied all my life, but I have to say that morning was definitely the best skiing that I had ever done. 2 feet of overnight powder was like nothing I'd
Moss' Birthday suitMoss' Birthday suitMoss' Birthday suit

The very dapper combination of 80's ski suit, born to bone t-shirt and borat mankini!!
had the privilege to experience before, and making virgin tracks off piste in fresh powder that deep was an exhilirating (and exhausting!) experience!

That evening happened to be Moss' birthday, so we introduced him to a couple of the "presents" that we had again thoughtfully provided to make the decision around his going out attire all the easier! An oversized "born to bone" t-shirt straight from a mid-west biker's town along with the neon green borat mankini topped off the ski-suit very well when we hit Chamonix for an Indian meal followed by drinks - lots of them!

The meal had been civilised enough, but at the next bar I quickly realised that they were doing offers of 10 shots for €25 - a veritable bargain. As there were 8 of us it meant there was a shot each plus an extra couple for the "lucky" stag - aren't we generous!!

The shots were as lurid in colour as Moss' mankini and seemed to have the expected effect, with him going from sober gent to gibbering idiot in about 90 minutes! We stumbled out of that bar before we were kicked out and "carried" Moss around Chamonix as his balance seemed to be giving him some trouble! A stop for a nutella panini backed up by some brilliant stage diving off a picnic bench meant that we were confident of getting him into a late bar. Brad shepherded him in and Mossikins managed to survive us crowd surfing him into the ceiling to party on valiantly until closing time!

When we were thrown out of this bar it was time for Brad and I to carry/walk Moss home, but the fresh alpine air seemed to bring back Moss' strength and he was soon going for a hilarious run through the snow in only his mankini! I think its something Brad and I will never forget - but probably not for the right reasons!

Unsurprisingly Moss didn't see much of the slopes the next day, but we were soon back into the fantastic routine of skiing and snow-boarding by day, cooking up a storm in the chalet during the evening and then hitting Chamonix until the early hours.

All too soon Friday night had rolled round and it was Moss' actual stag night, which saw him don the full skisuit/t-shirt/mankini ensemble for the final time (although it was under a lot of protest from Mossikins - who ever heard of a stag do that didn't have a stag night for the main man!!). Another boozy night brought the curtain down on probably our most ambitious, and I think certainly the best, boys club yet! I look forward to the next person's stag do trying to top this!!

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