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22nd November 2013

we can only hope...
that el salvador will never become a major tourist destination! thats what ruined our neighbors in costa rica!
16th November 2013

Your 57 Chevy was lovely
Great that your sister could join you. Lobster coma.... I think I had lobster several days in a row while we were there. We were in Havana for New Years so music was everywhere. Trinidad was one of our favorites places and you are right about all of the music.
14th November 2013

Gorgeous photos! Enjoyed this post :)
13th November 2013
The aptly named "shark and ray alley"

Great memories!
Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories of Guatemala, Caye Caulker and Tulum! Great photos, and as usual, you've got some great adventures! Look forward to Cuba with you!
13th November 2013
The aptly named "shark and ray alley"

Glad someone enjoys reading through and looking through the photos in these blogs!! I know that in years to come they'll be a great source of pride/amusement as my memories fade!! They've certainly already re-jigged the memories of some of my earliest travels!! Cheers Mark
13th November 2013
The amazing pools of Semuc Champey

Great adventures!
I love this photo and your amazing adventures. Bravo for really focusing on your Spanish, so you're almost at native level. Good show!
19th October 2013

A Good Read
I enjoyed reading this, not only for the fact that I found someone writing on El Salvador (I also haven't met anyone who's been there - and I've been in Latin America for 2 years!), but I had a good laugh from time to time. I'm currently in Costa Rica and will be getting to El Salvador in a few weeks, so it was good to get a little insight into the place via your blog.
13th October 2013

I'll go there!
Thanks for the tips on where to stay and hike in El Salvador--looks as if you picked a couple of great spots. Loved your photos of the crater lake and dusk above Suchitoto! Buen viaje!
26th September 2013
Anteater - looks like he'd had a tough day!!

What a great photo.
Glad you enjoyed Costa Rica and found places off the tourist path to keep you happy.
7th March 2013

Great blog!
You've brought back some great memories for us. I can do without the guinea pig. I tried it in a stew but couldn't get past the thought of it. I don't care for rodents. Sounds like you're making great progress in your language skills. How fortunate that you were added to the hike. Can't wait to read more.
16th December 2012

When I started reading this update, I became a little worried that food would only be alluded to obliquely rather than being the main event, as it were. Then coming upon the Fray Bentos factory description, I decided that maybe I didn\'t want to know about the food at all (I\'ve previously witnessed someone, voluntarily, cooking and eating Fray Bentos pies, and as a person who views food as something to enjoy and possibly even savour, this memory of gloopy pie crust dough and murky meat bits has haunted me somewhat over the years...). So I thank you for then rewarding our faithful reading by including a photo of a nice juicy steak and a lovely description. Yes that is indeed something that cannot be captured, even with a panorama, scratch-and-sniff lens, (I am told those are quite dear) no, one must really be there for that, or so I am told...
7th October 2010
Camp Nou

hola para todos
barcelona tiener staduim grande en mundo y muj linda
21st August 2010

Smells of Anglo-American imperialism. We Brits show the world the way in traffic rules, traffic lights, culinariy delights, and happiness standards. Why don't we Brits ever think that of the fact that we do not own the world and, for heaven's sake, allow people to exist, cook, and enjoy life on their own terms, without us ever forcing the borders of our comfort zones on them. After all, this isn't the world according to anglo-americans.
25th May 2010

I'm currently planning my trip to Borneo and am planning to go to all the places you just mentioned (minus climing Mt. KK). I plan to check out Sarawak as well. Did you do day trips to Taman Rahman park or did you do an overnight stay?? I hear it's expensive to visit those islands.
22nd January 2010

cool galapagas island pictures and writing
you are good at taking pictures for the animals and writing all about them you help us at learning about them you are good with animals right i am nine years old i read a story in my reading group i live in moses lake wa an imade a poster and i asked my parents to write you a comment my name is anika mcvay.
15th December 2009

The Galapogas is being destroyed by tourism. And you albatross? is a Heron
23rd March 2009

just lookin for the country progect this really helped me thank you
29th January 2009

hi just looking at the stuff for the school project really nothing that very good asully boring really so i am tryin to get better i am ill and going to st.ives today im going with friends it will be fun unlike project at school ) : ) : watching telly
2nd October 2008

If i may ask, becuase im trying to go to el fuerte and to the cascades, but i havent foudn a site that gives me an estimation on how much to pay for either tour. Could you give me an amount of about how much you paid for El Fuerte?
12th June 2008

Not an Albatross
The picture entitled 'Albatross(?)" ... hail to the question mark, that is certainly not an albatross.
19th February 2008

Hey Just wondering what time of year you were there? I have my trip planned for December and was told that crossing to the islands is not really possible due to monsoon season?!! what was it like for you?! cheers
10th March 2007

I WAS behind the stove - just quite a lot further behind it than Chris!!
1st March 2007

Dodgy facial hair and Chrimbo cookery
How can you post such photos without mention of the glaringly obvious attempts at "traveller rugged"? Also, I like the "fruits of OUR afternoon behind the stove". I remember Chris cooking...
13th December 2006

thanks a lot my friend
uou i´m a bit on a rush but let me sent you a hook i remember it was very good hike good speed too
25th May 2006

Oh and just checked your picture of the capuchino monkeys. haha they're squirrel monkeys or just 'Amarillo' in spanish (yellow as I rememer...). Capuchins, not capuchino's are the little brown ones and the most intelligent monkeys in SA.

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