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Published: June 5th 2006
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Steve under the TowerSteve under the TowerSteve under the Tower

Steve, not knowing what time it is after arriving in paris
Hello Everyone!
Well, The above title of this entry says it all, after having been in France for almost 2 weeks now, I've figured out what the problem is, I dont speak french. We are leaving today for Spain, and are very excited!
When Steve came in last week, we immediately hit up all of the main tourist attractions in Paris; the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Champs Du Elysee, Arch De Triomph. We really kept moving, since Steve was only going to be in Paris for one night he wanted to see as much as possible. We then met up with my step-father in the old Latin Qtr of paris for a long, fun, slightly wine-soaked traditional French dinner (let's just put it this way, one of the dishes was pig knuckles!)Friday morning, bleary eyed and confused, Steve and I raced to the train station to catch our ride down to Nice, and the Cote D'Azur. We bid "adieu" to Andre, and started moving again.
The train ride takes about 6 hrs, so we had plenty of time to go through our guidebooks. We met a nice older couple from Australia and hung out with them, and before we knew it,
Top of EiffelTop of EiffelTop of Eiffel

Behind me, is the Invalides, where Napolean is buried
the meditarranean appeared in front of us! QUITE a sight! From Nice we rented a car and drove up the coast, through Cannes (which has HORRENDOUS traffic problems, who knew?) and after a few wrong turns, into where we were planning to stay for the night, a little town on the outkirts of St. Tropez called St. Maxime. It turns out that this past weekend in France is some sort of huge holiday, so needless to say every hotel was sold-out. St. Tropez is amazing, and allowed us a little down-time/beach-time finally. We found out that the things that you hear about St. Tropez are true, it's very beautiful, it's very expensive, and nudity or close to it is the norm!
After meeting a fun group of americans at the beach, the six of us ended up testing the St. Tropez night life on Saturday night, complete with an appearance of the one and only Fabio. Would any trip to St. Tropez be complete without a Fabio sighting?
Sunday we said good-bye to St. Tropez and the coast and drove back into Provence, where we stopped for lunch at Aix en Provence, a really fun college town that was clearly
St. TropezSt. TropezSt. Tropez

I'm doing the "finger point", it's just what I do when I'm having beach time.
getting ready for some sort of a celebration. We then moved on to a town called Uzes which is one giant castle, built by the romans. Finally, Sunday night we arrived back in Anduze to stay the night and say hello to my mom and andre.
After this very brief break in the action to do our laundry and get some sleep, we are really excited to be in Barcelona tonight until Thursday. I really appreciate all of the emails, please keep them coming!! I hope everyone is doing great, and having a nice summer so far

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Uzes Castle Uzes Castle
Uzes Castle

To get up to the top of this castle, is the SMALLEST stairwell ever, Uzens must not have been tall people!

7th June 2006

Is it true that not knowing it hinders you? I mean, I do know it, but I don't know Italian and I'll be going to Italy. Anyway, your pictures look fantastic!

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