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June 7th 2006
Published: June 7th 2006
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Sagrada FamiliaSagrada FamiliaSagrada Familia

This is Gaudi´s masterpiece, still under construction!
Hola everyone!
I hope this update finds everyone having a great summer so far.... I just have to add off the top that I really appreciate all of the emails, it´s great to know how things are going back in the states.
OK, we are now in Barcelona, Spain. I love this city. It is truly one of the most cosmopolitan, friendly, enchanting, BIG, exciting cities I´ve ever visited. The people here are so friendly and helpful, and there are a TON of americanos here. On the train from Montpellier, France, the bar car was FULL of americanos, so we knew we were going to have fun here, but we didnt know how much fun. Yesterday (Tues) we spent the whole day walking the city, and this city is Gaudi crazy. When I arrived I had read up on Gaudi, and had seen some of his work in books etc, frankly i wasnt impressed! I thought he was just nuts. I was wrong. Gaudi is a genius, as most of you probably know. The Sagrada Familia is breathtaking, truly. We were smart enough to get the little headsets so you can walk around the cathedral and get a personal guided tour.
The Crazy Fins, we loved themThe Crazy Fins, we loved themThe Crazy Fins, we loved them

These are two of our new friends, the guy was nuts.
I knew very little about Gaudi, and what I learned yesterday was so interesting. He started design on the Sagrada Familia after he had been diagnosed with some horrendous disease (I cant remember the name of it now). So Gaudi knew his time was limited and started obsessing somewhat on his death. He made extremely detailed instructions on how the Cathedral should be finished after he passed away, and those instructions are still being followed, almost one hundred years after his death ( he died in the mid ´20´s) The Sagrada Familia is still under construction, and it will be in perpetuity, as a symbol of Barcelona, and Spain´s, eye on the future. It´s a must stop for anyone coming here.
We also went up to MontJuis, which is a small mountain in the middle of Barcelona that now has all of the Olympic structures... GREAT views of the city but just a helpful hint, do not take this train that is called the furnicular. There are signs for it everywhere so we got on it, thinking it would take us down the mountain and back to our hotel on La Rambla. We knew something was wrong when we were
The view from the trainThe view from the trainThe view from the train

The Med, from our train coming into barcie
the only people on it, and finally when it started moving it literally moved 50 ft and stopped. Not the most efficient way to get down Montjuis and into downtown Barcelona, but it made us laugh.
The night life here is insane. We´ve met a ton of very friendly fellow travelers. Last night we had dinner and drinks with a young finnish couple who were hilarious, the guy loved GWAR, which is this hardcore heavy metal band and as he drank more he kept making Steve listen to GWAR on his cellphone, which he turned up all the way, so it just sounded like noise, and he would go, "GWAR ROCKS MAN!". They also, I am happy to report, dont hold americanos personally responsible for GW Bush, they take the sympathetic approach. They tell us they know that we arent in charge, that it´s that darn Bush.. ahahaha..
I could spend a long time here, there is SO much energy and culture in Barcelona. I really love it, and it´s not because an irish guy we met last night said I looked like Bono.
Today we are going to hit the beach. Last night was a pretty late night, we ended up in the Port Oympique qtr of town, which is full of New Zealanders, and you know that means it was a late night. PLEASE keep the emails coming, I love hearing from all of you, and I hope you are having a great summer.


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