Beautiful Brugge

Published: August 17th 2011
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A quick train trip from Amsterdam and we are in Brugge, Bruges.

Next to the train station is an Etap Hotel, a typical Etap, similar to our Formula 1 or Ibis Hotels and only a fraction of the price of the other hotels in Brugge.

Brugge, like Venice and Amsterdam is a canal based city and at one time was considered the commercial hub of the world.

Historically, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there doesn’t appear to be any evidence of mankind prior to the fortification of the Old City in the first century. This took place just after Julius Caesar’s victories of the Menapii. Since then a myriad of conquers have lined up to claim Brugge as their own, from the Franks, Napoleon and the Germans used the port, during the First World War for their U-Boats. Today it is one of the most thriving tourist destinations of Europe.

On our second day we have organised a bicycle tour, with QuasiMudo Bike Tours, of the city and surrounding area. The 28 kms nearly kills Michelle and my butt isn’t feeling too great either. Mind you the weather was perfect and the people on the tour were a laugh. We also met a couple from Keiraville on the tour as well.

The tour started in the city and proceeded out into the lowlands to the Dutch border. The sights included working windmills, farmland and Flemish villages. A lesson on how and why the canals were dug together with a commentary on the day to day life of the Belgium along with its rich and fascinating history.

And no respectable bike tour would be without the obligatory pub stop. The Triple Karmeliet beer produced in this area is one of the nicest beers I have ever tried.

Next day saw us do a self-guided tour of the old city, complete with a boat trip on one of the canals.

This is a beautiful city.

Next stop is Paris

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Canal side sculptureCanal side sculpture
Canal side sculpture

Famous sculture of woman looking for contact lense
Poplar TreesPoplar Trees
Poplar Trees

Bike tour

18th August 2011

Hi M&M
Could you kindly bring me back a carton of Triple Karmeliet because I would like to compare it to Boag's. Failing that, the Double Karmeliet will do. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, bring me back the Quadruple Karmeliet. After all, I'm not an alcoholic. Thank you so much.
1st April 2013

Just wanted to say that i enjoyed your photos so much took me back to Bruges .Must go back again soon .Thank you

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