All 366 steps, I counted them

Published: June 25th 2010
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I woke up at 7:00 am so that I could get my stuff together because I really don't want to leave anything behind and having Aaron saying 'I told you so'. We want to try and find a market store so that I could get some Nuttela and Stroopruafels before I left The Netherlands because I need them and when Ingebord or Emiel come to Edmonton for a visit they better, hoping they bring me some...Hint hint. Breakfast consisted of left over pizza and a small Mcflurry that we picked up on our way to the train station. I got on the right train to Brussels and said good-bye to Ingeborg. I switched trains in Brussels and was on my way to Bruge. Once I got there I need to to other walk across town or take a bus, I took a bus which I found easy, it took me pretty close where I needed to go but far enough that I had a nice walk down the streets to the hostel. The hostel was Snuffel Hostel and my room seemed cozy enough for three nights.
I then headed out and decided to really treat myself to a really nice lunch. I took a seat on the outside patio (I don´t think I have eaten once inside yet). I ordered a Bruge Zot beer which is a local beer (duh) and ordered from the €16 lunch menu. For starters I had a salad with bacon, lots and lot of bacon, and for the main dish is was Chicken in this really good cream sauce with potatoes. I also got dessert which was chocolate mousse.

Across the street from where I was eating was the famous chocolatier Dumon. It was so tiny inside but neat. I bought a box of 15 pieces for €5. I have only had a few pieces thus far because I was to save them but I know that will be hard, so far very good num nums.

I decided to work my lunch off by climbing the belfry tower, all 366 steps. It took alot out of me and I really had to push myself. You never know how out of shape you are until you cliimb a belfry tower. The view at the top was worth it though. They were doing construction at the top as well so you could not get the whole 360° view.
The walk down was easier of course, even the guys behind me were impressed at how fast I was going.

The rest of the day I didn´t do much, I was pretty tired from pushing my first five days here pretty hard.

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26th June 2010

Dood, that box of num nums is hilarious.. Dood, looking at these picture makes me feel like I'm in an Assassin's Creed game.. Dood.. Wait 'til you hit Venice.. Dood.. I'm jealous; wish I was there.. Dood.. Love you and miss you.. -Aaroooon..
26th June 2010

Do you have to share your room with many ppl? Just wondering Bout theft? Have to worry about something LOL
26th June 2010

There was eight people in my room, I was there three nights so the people changed as well. So really I had about 14 roommates lol. There are lockers outside the room that we can lock our stuff in.

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