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June 27th 2007
Published: June 27th 2007
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On my way to Tal's hotel, I stopped at the corner cafe and decided to treat myself to one of France's wonderful pastries - une brioche aux raisins. I don't actually know what a brioche is, but it looked like a regular pastry, my guess was that it's made with lots of eggs or something. Either way it was delicious!

Tal and I first had to make sure his rental car stuff was done and arranged (him, his dad, and his older sister drove to Nice from Paris). After that, we headed to Gare Routiere for the bus and enjoyed watching the coastline for an hour and a half. It was longer than expected, but we talked the whole way, which was good practice for my Hebrew and probably good practice for his patience, haha.

Once at Cannes, the tourism office gave us free maps and we headed for the beach. It looked so beautiful, but there was SO much wind! It was so strong that it would pick up large amounts of sand and we'd get pummeled by it while it stung our skin. ouchh and not very relaxing. It was pretty uncomfortable and my sarong (which was also my towel, blanket, etc) was always trying to blow away even with my heavy purse on it. The water was a gorgeous blue and turquoise color, crystal clear, but cold enough to give me goosebumps. I think we spent about 3 hours there before walking around one of the main streets that had kind of like a market, but the stores were permanently there.

Cannes was pretty (by the way, the French pronounces it 'Can', the 'es' is silent) wherever we walked with a view of the sea from almost every angle. It's a very ritsy town at least to me so I was more curious to see how Monaco was in comparison. In Cannes there were also very expensive cars as well as stores like Lacoste, Rolex, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Esprit, etc. No shopping for me!!

I was tired on the bus ride back from the sun, but quite happy to be out of the wind. As much as people rave about Cannes, I wasn't too impressed. However, I also think that one should spend more than one day in a city to get a better experience because although our day there was windier than hell, the others in the hostel told me that it wasn't windy at all when they went to Cannes. I'll return there when I have money to shop there or get invited to the Cannes film festival when I'm a famous screenplay writer. The main strip of Cannes has wide streets but not wide sidewalks, so I can't imagine how the streets are with the film festival going on.

Having seen enough of Cannes, we caught the second to last bus back to Nice station. We went back to Tal's hotel (not any nicer than my hostel) where we met up with his sister, Moran, who was super nice. I also met his dad, Baruch, and we all sat in the hotel room talking about whatever. I was sort of surprised because Tal was totally different when I was around his family - he barely said anything which was unusual since he was talkative around me.

Back at my hostel, I scrubbed my body from all the sand that I had collected. The wind decided that I should take half the beach home since I found sand under my nails, in my ears, all in my hair -- this continued a few days later.


6th July 2007

I'm in Skagway, and it's themed...
Hello B.D., WHAT UP!? -tehehe. I love language :) I'm glad to hear you're continuing to have a stellar time on your eurotrip! My family cruise is going well, though i have to say that I've been eating a lot, and that is NOT good for our mission. Your brioche sounds a bit sinful as well...BUT DELICIOUS. I found you a great little trinket in juneau and i'll send it to your grandma's if you'll send me the address. Hope to hear from you soon!
7th July 2007

where are all the pics??
Hi Myia: it's always great to read your blog of your travels. I wish the technology was available when I did all my travels. It's such a great way to document your travels. I am looking forward to seeing all your pictures when you post them. Looking forward to the 26th, and seeing your smiling, lovely face!! love ya, Abba xoxox

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