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October 28th 2009
Published: October 28th 2009
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Oct. 28th 2009:
I started my new job one week ago and during the first five minutes I met my (new) boss he told me he had to go to a meeting in Angers (France) this week and asked me to go.
Of course he did not have to convince me! and a couple of days ago we did a nice 9-hour trip by car, crossing half of France, to Angers. It is fall and all the trees are showing their best colors, even I could see them!
Once in Angers, well... I am not going to talk about the meeting, that is the boring part, we did some walks around the city. It is a small city, easy to walk (even though with the tram constructions all over the city...), with a river dividing the city in two halves. The old city center is specially beautiful: the castle, the cathedral, the medieval town... .
I do not have any picture with me... I was going with my boss and I felt embarrassed of asking him: can you take a picture for me?
I was told some cruel stories about the castle, this one is true... it is history, well, more or less:
Once upon a time there was a king (or a count) living in this castle who went to a war (don't remember which one) and when he came back his adorable wife was not "at home". He was a jealous king (or count) and thought that his wife was having fun with somebody else, so when she came back, he took her to the room, they went to the window and told her "look at the river" and throw her away into the it. The window was very high.... gulp, gulp, gulp... but I do not know is she could swim or not, the fact is that she did not died. So the king (or count) got angry, very angry, made a pile of wood and burnt it, together with his wife, of course. Two days later there was one of the biggest fires in the history of this city... people said that was a divine punishment... who knows... maybe they did not spent the fire properly. Some time later, the king (or count) got married again, and some time later, went to another war. When he came back his wife was not at home and thought she was having fun with somebody else, again. When she arrived home, as she knew the story of his previous wife, she did not say anything and went directly to the window of the tower and throw herself into the river. However, he really loved her... awwww... . But she did not die either; some sailors helped her and took her to the other side of the river. At that time there was not so much on the other side, and the king (or the count) decided to build a church and an abbey (you can see it on the first and second picture).
Adam's house is a beautiful medieval house facing two streets, actually one street and one square. Wood pillars are richly decorated, with ornaments representing figures, both human and mythological. One of the most recognized scenes is the tree of good and evil, in the corner at the bottom floor. Initially, Adam and Eve were also there but the house is behind the Cathedral, right outside where the walls were, and that scene with naked figures was too scandalous for those times when the processions had to pass down the street.
It was only a two and a half day trip but it was nice. Well, I still feel a bit lost: when I arrived to Spain, in the lab I speak more italian than spanish. Then I came to France and I do not speak french, only english or spanish. I miss the swamp. I miss the swamp so much.
Go Gators!

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29th October 2009

Who is Adam?
I love the idea of having a blog (Lis please do yours please please) and the pictures of the castle are awesome especially the one you took at night. But who is Adam? why you took picture of his house? although it's a nice house hahaa.
29th October 2009

Very nice indeed!
Wow looks like a wonderful city, I wish I get a job like yours when after a week the boss takes you to France!!! I don't understand why you speak more Italian than Spanish in your lab? Anyway, great post and keep the pictures coming! Greeting from the swampest swamp! DuDu

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