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September 18th 2012
Published: September 19th 2012
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Well so far so good! After leaving work i was able to get to a local camping shop and replace the gas cannister i had for a full one and set off, the last one felt like there was a lot in it but i didn't want to risk it. I then arrived at the port bang on time only to find out the ferry was late anyway. But meet up with DK at the port entrance and found Chomp and his father in law parked up inside. Looking forward to testing out my kitchen properly, but i think tonight will be all about getting a good nights sleep, so pizza from the campsite hmmm.... pizza.

OK so the story so far, my mileage is 35 miles, Chomp is on a different ferry from a different company, and dave's foot is busted and I broke a nail (not really but i feel left out, my time will come). I'm am currently sitting in the bar on the "Pride of france", one of the latest vessels with new interior and free WiFi, hence the blog, with a pint of strongbow in hand 😉 .

As there isn't much to talk about yet, I thought I would give you a tour of the truck. On the roof is a nice roof tent from Kanga (or Iron man depending on which hemispere your from) which has been in storage at work since it was last used at Brands Hatch. As my roof bars were to long i shifted them all the way towards to drivers side and the tent all the way to the passenger side. The reason for this, is that at brands hatch the bars protruded into the room which hangs underneath, now the tent is clear of them, plus I was able to attach a hard mesh over the extra bar space to create a half roof rack for things like the spare jerry can and the tub for washing clothes.

The truck itself has been raised up 2" on HD springs, but with the amount of additional crap for this trip, has lost the extra height. On the back door i have replaced the door card with a piece of metal, which i crudely cut with a grinder then painted with a can of hammerite. I then bolted a gas twin hob, knife block and chopping board to make, what I hope will be, a pretty useful Kitchen. I mounted a second battery in the boot to ruin all auxillaries such as cool boxes and inverters. i then added volt meters to both batteries so i can monitor the alternator.

Everything else i have done is all maintainace from engine rebuilds to axle and brake system overhauls so not very intresting. Well the ferry is almost docked so i will say good bye and will blog at the next WiFi oppotunity


19th September 2012

How did Dave bust his foot? I like the mobile kitchen, really good.

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