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September 13th 2012
Published: September 13th 2012
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We arrived in Paris Sept 3,a little tired.Boarded a train for Bordeaux from the airport (thank-you to Patrick.)On the 4th we arrived in St Jean,received our passport,and booked into a hotel.Bit of a late start,but we were only going 8 kms,how bad could it be? BAD!BAD!and more BAD!In 8 kms we climbed a 1000 metres,only to find they made a mistake and only had 1 bed left,but...they did have a tent.Ï am sure we would have slept on the ground which I guess we did.There were a lot of Canadians in the group.It was very damp in the mountains so everything got wet.


The next 20 kms over the Pyrenees took us 7 hours.So as it turns out,sleeping on the ground is a picnic.

The scenry was unbelievable,we walked 4 kms straight down through the largest Beech forest in Europe.Lots of sheep and sheep things to avoid.The monastery in Roncevalles has a new albergue which was 5 star accommodations.I was to tired to go to the Pilgims mass but Aiden did.

Sept 7

Late leaving again,around 9am and by 2 pm it was over 30 deg and we still had 6 kms to go.We come out of the trees,around a field and there is this guy standing next to his car with TAXI written on it.(so glad Aiden went to that service)He took us in to Zurbiri,the guy at the albergue smelled so bad we left.The hotel was full,but I guess we looked a mess,this guy comes up to us and points to his car for us to get in.So of course we do;he takes so to a pension with a really nice private room.We also meet up with a bunch of people we had met and had the best meal ever!A salad,leek and potato soup,fresh baked fish,bread and of course wine for 8 euros.I love this country!


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