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July 7th 2017
Published: July 7th 2017
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We landed in this lovely place called Cognac. We had no idea this was a beaut. It is in the middle of wine country and not that far from Bordeaux. We had time to look around but that was all for we were only there for the night. It was very busy in the city. people doing their shopping and cafe's were full and lively. People sitting at terraces having a glass of wine or a beer. We did window shopping, but were not in any need of anything. We felt a bit flat so we stopped at a place that sold pancakes. A big Kiwi bloke was doing the baking. We talked with him, he wanted to now what two Aussies were doing in Cognac. He was telling us he used to play rugby and had a contract in France and stayed there. Has a nice little business. The pancakes tasted fine just a bit to hot so we walked around with pancakes on paper plates till they cooled down. We also. found a cosy place for our evening meal. Although we are in France the late time of eating is already there. Later that evening we went there for a very nice meal.. It was filled with customers but we found a sit. They have nowadays a menu for a certain price with a drink included. We stayed for a while it is much nicer as your B+B room. When paying the bill Liz left a small Koala mascot behind on seeing this the owner told us to wait and gave us each a sample bottle of Cognac. That was nice. After a simple breakfast we left again through the tiny gate towards Lescar close to Pau. We chosed this place to stay we intended to visit Lourdes that is just 40 kilometres away. It was Sunday no trucks on the road hardly any traffic for that matter. Gave us a very good run so we were early at our place of staying ..Unloading our gear we decided to have a look in Pau only ten minutes away. There was a big parking place at the beginning of town. Parking in the city is a no no. It was walking from here on in. While walking around we realised we had been in Pau before. We had again a look at the Chateau of Pau and went back to Lescar where we had our evening meal and made things ready for the trip to Lourdes.

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8th July 2017

Hoi Alfons en Lies Je weet toch wel van die arme man die met zijn rolstoel het lourdes water inreed ? Wat denk je dat er gebeurde toen hij eruit kwam? Nieuwe banden !!!

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