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August 20th 2013
Published: August 26th 2013
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This will probably be the shortest entry of our BBA V2 blog and that is because today we really didn't do a lot to report about.

With over 20,000km now travelled we decided that it was time for a rest day although we are sure we will make up for it in the next two days with trips towards Verdun and the World War 1 battlefields and then north to Luxembourg and try and discover more about the French folly of their Maginot Line.

Thankfully the complex has a laundry and after having to work on translation of what we needed to do some washing with the reception we found the washing machine in the basement and filled it with a build up of clothes ready for something more than a scrub in a wash hand basin.Unfortunately, the machine was one of those front loaders which seem to take an age to do its thing and it was just as well we didn't plan to go out today.

An hour later the wash cycle was finished and someone had stuck most of the washing in the dryer for us even though we were going to dry it off on the balcony of the apartment.With the trees shading the balcony we thought this was a wise idea to get the clothes dried more quickly.This turned out to be wrong as there must have been something wrong with the drying abilities of the dryer because after three hours in the dryer and several trips to see if it had finished its cycle,Gretchen gave up and bought the load back to the apartment.Just as well we weren't paying for the power!!

We got photos and video uploaded and read a lot during the day but eventually we had to get some fresh air and took a walk through the forest on laid out paths.We had thought of the fairy tale about Hansel and Gretal and should we lay breadcrumbs behind us so we can find our way back!As it so happened the paths we took led to the road on the far side of the forest and there was a Lidl store which turned out to be fortunate as we needed some milk.As usual we came out with more in a bag than what we went in for although we are sure all we bought will get eaten.And we found our way back to the apartment without the aid of breadcrumbs!

While it was fine overhead during the day the temperature has remained cooler than the 30+ that we have had for several weeks and the change of weather with the rain yesterday as we drove from Basel may mean we can expect lower late summer temperatures ahead.Well,it all has to wind down at some stage and autumn will eventually arrive just like those back in NZ are looking forward to spring.


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