Living in the farm

Published: October 22nd 2008
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1: Sheep 8 secs
2: Peeling machine 13 secs
Peeling techniquePeeling techniquePeeling technique

The extreme heat forces the skin to burst and it's easy to peel the remaining bits.
We've been living in the organic farm for about 2 weeks now. I'm sure everybody wants to know how two IT programmers cope with the day to day activities. Well, the good news is that we're doing fine and our hosts (Cherif, Djahida and the children) are very nice.

Daily activities can be a bit random. Here is a list of things we did in no specific order:

• Picking up tomatoes (red, yellow and black)
• Chopping wood in the forest
• Helping with the usual house tasks
• Applying some oil to an old wooden furniture
• Jullietta went to help selling products at the market (she loved it)
• Pick up chesnuts (Jullietta must be the equivalent of a black belt by now)
• Picking up Tetragone (my vertebrae are still sore)
• Spead (organic) products to kill slugs and other dangerous salad predators
• Removing herb and dead wood in some areas and making big fires 😊
• Cleaning up stables (did we tell you that sheep are like poo machines...)
• Printing and sticking label to apple juice bottles
• Extracting seeds from dried string beans
• Peeling chesnuts (they made the best chestnut
Big pooBig pooBig poo

Yes, that's what you think it is (about 2 tons)

The deal is that we (try to) help them with their work and they let use live at their place. We usually have meals together, it' very friendly. Check out wwoof France if you are interested by this alternative way of travelling.

We are very happy with our first wwoof experience and I think we'll keep looking for similar farms around the world.

We'll be leaving toworrow and we'll try hitchhike to Montpellier (100km) and then Sete where we'll take a ferry to Morocco 😊

Additional photos below
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Peeling chestnutsPeeling chestnuts
Peeling chestnuts

Check out this old washing machine soldered on a weelbarrow with the chestnuts inside

Lambs can be very cute

Tiny village, tiny streets

arrgg! I still have nightmares... I found it hard to pick up in the field and Jullietta wanted to show me that it's not even sold for much :)

Ines started to play the flute the week we arrived.

It been raining a lot in the last few days and water tends to destroy a lot of thing in the farm.

Foreground: Organic Poo Background: Organic Jullietta

Preparing some king of bread for dinner
The farmerThe farmer
The farmer

She looks like she's been doing that all her life, doesn't she ?
Hitchhiking preparationHitchhiking preparation
Hitchhiking preparation

Tomorrow we'll leave the farm and try to reach the big city of Montpellier
Hard workHard work
Hard work

Is there a way to upload smell on Internet ?

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