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May 6th 2014
Published: May 11th 2014
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Bart asks as we plan our route from Arras to Dijon.

"Uh, won't the traffic be crazy?" I ask nervously. I've dipped my toe into European motorcycle riding with a few hours of experience: on a brand new bike, riding on both sides of the road, counter clockwise and clockwise through roundabout and don't get me started on the signs. At least that's what I plan to tell the authorities when I'm pulled over for some driving infraction(s) I've innocently committed.

We head off and as we approach Paris, traffic becomes heavier until it comes to a stand still. At least for the cars; the scooters and bikes are perfectly happy to lane split and filter to the front of the intersections.

Over the Bluetooth intercom I hear Bart say "May as well..." and off we go filtering through traffic. This is how motorcycling should be! What is more amazing is that as we filter past cars, scooters are filtering in between us. It's disconcerting and after a while perfectly normal.

The roundabout around the Arc de triumphed is another matter. WOW. Bart described it as "Sh!t show". Funny enough, there are signal lights to the approaches to the roundabout, keeping the mayhem manageable. I can only imagine someone in Paris traffic control with their had on a dial speeding up and slowing down this automotive blender.

I'm having so much fun weaving in and out of traffic that in no time we arrive at our destination, lunch on a sidewalk cafe in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower (parking included.)


11th May 2014

Keep 'em coming
Great post Jeff, that's what my mom said, keep them coming. Sounds like you're having an excellent adventure.

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