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September 24th 2012
Published: September 24th 2012
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We set out early this morning..heading to Notre Dame Cathedral to beat the crowds. It was raining when we left ... And then a monsoon, wind and flooding streets! We ducked into the pet shops to let the storm pass, and finally made it ....still to stand in line to get inside!

After a tour of the beautiful cathedral....we caught the bus (sat inside) and rode to Rue Haussmann to go shopping (window) at the famous Au Printemps and Galleries Lafayette. Au Printemps opened in 1864. it's goods range from designer clothing to funky fashions, furniture and home decor. Printemp's great rival store opened in 1894 and is a monument to Parisian style...topped by a glorious steel-and-glass dome. We enjoyed seeing the stores....paid 1€ .50 EACH To use the toilette ( we were curious)! Turns out there was a young man waitinginside and after each lady left her booth...he went in and cleaned before the next lady entered! We decided it it was well worth the cost see a man cleaning a toilet :>😉.

We did some street booth shopping ( easier on the pocketbook ) and headed back to the Isle de Citi to return to a restaurant....Auberge de Notre Dame, to have lunch. Marty and Sharon tried the Beef Fondue....Eliz., Shannon and I had Pasta Bolognaise. We all enjoyed lunch and it was just 4:00 so we hopped on another tour bus and rode leisurely around seeing more Paris Sights.

We got off the bus on Boulevard Saint Germain and walked down Rue de Bonaparte to the footbridge of locks over to the Louvre and home. it was a full day ..... Started out rainy and bad but turned beautiful this afternoon....windy and chilly but clear....

We are snuggled in for the night ... Ate our p-nut butter and jam on toast is pouring rain tonight so plans for our trip to Giverny are on hold......Good night from Paris.


25th September 2012

Your blog
I have been enjoying our trip to Paris. Thank you for the colorful journey. You sure have had a lot of company. How wonderful. Enjoy the rest of the trip and have a safe trip home.

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