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October 15th 2010
Published: October 15th 2010
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Today i spent my day with over 6 million dead people. Jealous?

We originally planned to take a trip out to the Loire valley, but we have had way to many bus rides and scheduled things we decided to stay in the city. Good choice. I even got out for a run ths morning which was great, morning run in Paris? whats better than that? Today was grey and overcast,so the mood was just right to visit the dead, famous and unfamous a like. We started first at the Pere Lachaise Cementary, Where a lot of famous people are burried. I love cementaries, I visit them in almost every single county I go to. The amazing thing about this cementary were the elaborate stone tombs and head stones. A lot of them were very old, the dates almost worn away, but huge statues and carvings, tombs that are dedicated to the whole family so the family is all buried together. Amazing is all i can say. We first visit the sight of Jim Morrison. His gravesite is a lot simpler than I thought it would be. There is also a metal fence surrounding the site to protect it from what I can assume are fanatics, who apparently wanted a piece of Jim for themselves, this is evident by the pieces of his tomb already chipped away by those who wanted a souviener. I really liked the tree that stood in front of his grave, scribbled with notes and well wishes for him.

Next grave was that of the famous Oscar Wilde. His tomb stone was a little more impressive and grand. The stone was adorned with lipstick marks as it is known that women who visit will kiss his tomb. This too was adorned with writtings. Interesting how one person could affect so many peoples lives, so deeply.
The last tomb was that of Edith Piaf, the famous "chanteusse" of france, who sang "non, je ne regrette rien" (for those who don't know of her I highly recommend renting La vie en rose, and while your at it rent Paris, Je t'aime because its just so fabulous) She is burried with who I am assuming is her parents, and her site is also very simple. There is a number of other famous people burried at Pere Lachaise, and it is well worth it to walk around to see
interesting interesting interesting

Notice all the figures hoverd over almost scared while the naked male and female walk into the door
it, famous people or not. It was time to leave these dead people, at rest in their elaorate graves, to see 6 million skeletons in the very depths of Paris. A hop a skip and a jump away and we are at the catacombs.I originaly didnt want to do this for the fact that being stuck in a tunel for 45 mins with no way out was a little on the closterphobic side. It was not at all the fact of being next to dead bodies, that didnt bother me at all. But I put on my big girl shoes today so away we went. I found it funny that at the entrance, on the wall there is a defibrillator. Obviously for those who have a heart attack upon the sight of millions and millions of skulls. We took the spiral staircase down what seemed like a ling time, the guide says its 20m, and made our way thru the tunnels towards the actual site of the bodies. I don't even know how to describe the amount of bones that were piled on top of eachother, in an almost artistic and morbid fashion. Its actually hard to comprehend the amount of skulls and arm bones that you see in front of you. I think that the pictures on the 2nd page will have to take the words out out my mouth. Inthe end it was completly finein the catacombs im glad I did it.

And last comment, in respose to the inquires, 1. I did get my luggage the next morning, but don't worry about shopping, bags or not I am going to do damage and 2. I did go back to the shoe store to try on those shoes.

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insanely elaborate tomb

can you show me the way to the next whiskey bar?
profound wordsprofound words
profound words

it hurts to set you free
creepy crowscreepy crows
creepy crows

this one while i was taking his picture, almost flew right into my head. I screamed

resist everything but temtation
a half tributea half tribute
a half tribute

i didnt actually kiss it, after my dad told me what locals do to the blarney stone, i learned my lesson
hmm art after death?hmm art after death?
hmm art after death?

to each their own.maybe I should get a giant cupcake for mine
scared to death?scared to death?
scared to death?

for all those heartattack needs....

15th October 2010

At least you missed the snow that we had here today!
16th October 2010

I'm so glad you went into the catacombs, I have seen a documentary on them and found it very interesting.The graveyards are another place I would love to see, I'm morbidly odd that way--would love to see the graveyards in baton rouge also. I'm so glad someone else in this family does creepy stuff, as your loving brother told me I was creepy today--lol, I think you may have beat me out! Yay!! Keep blogging and having fun!
16th October 2010

I would love to see Jim Morrisons resting place. I was obbsessed with him in high school, and I think I would have kissed the wall...haha!

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