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January 11th 2010
Published: January 11th 2010
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Ok! So today was 5 million times better than the last! It turns out that I am not Dostoevsky and I have not been sent to Siberia as pentinence for some crime I am not aware of. During the week, when the stores are open, Besançon is actually not a ghost town. It is a thriving little town in a valley with lots of shops, restaurants and cool buildings.

Sleeping at Christine's last night was very comfortable, and this morning she accompanied me to the building where i got my dorm keys. With much effort, I hauled all of my luggage through the snow and up to my room, which is actually quite nice. On the way I met a Finnish guy who had also just arrived. This afternoon Régine was so kind as to take me into town and help me buy a cell phone and also use the ATM and arrange my affaires at the CLA. It turns out however that someone made a mistake and enrolled me in the language center, instead of the regular university, so I have to go Wednesday and get it sorted out.

Régine also tried to help me get a bus card, but i didnùt have the documents I needed with me, so I'm going back tomorrow. She is really wonderful, and I hope that we will be friends! I have been so lucky in my journey to experience the so many who do not even know me that well: Catherine, Aurelie, Christine, Régine and her sister Delphine...and others who have patiently answered my questions. Now I am at Régine's, and we are about to go to dinner. She's letting me use her internet, and the French keyboard has the letters in a different order so its really hard to type this!!!

I'll write more when I can! Love you all and miss you!


12th January 2010

xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxox whew! not a ghost town! hahaha at least besancon is small all the running around you have to do is not that far, right? hahaha. love you ashley!!!!!! miss you!!!!! xoxox

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