Walkin' Down the Road(Ozark Mountain Daredevils) - A Lazy Day in the French Countryside at Dommartin-le-St Pere - 22nd June 2016

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June 22nd 2016
Published: June 25th 2016
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One thing we didn’t factor in to our stay in DLSP was that trucks were going to rumble past the apartment at infrequent intervals. We thought we were coming to a quiet little French village well off the main road. And its location is well off the main road. It is just that there is a road deviation nearby and trucks are using this sleepy little village as the alternative route. It’s not that there is a continual stream just the occasional one and then sometimes in two’s and three’s. Had the apartment been set back up the little street we are on the trucks might not have been as noticeable. Never mind we will survive!

We are quickly back into the routine of a late breakfast even though the nights are now very short and the sun is up very early and then doesn’t set until around 10pm!

Today is a bit of an admin day and we will leave the car parked for the day and take a walk as our outing. The temperature is projected to get into the high 20’s which is a bit of a turnaround from the high teens which has kept us in long trousers and a jersey handy.

Our host has told us that there is a boulangerie in the next village about 2km away so we plan to walk there and check it out.

Gretchen had checked her mobile which showed there is a walking trail nearby so we set out to do that rather than walk along the D60 where the trucks trundle along before passing through DLSP.

DLSP is one of those French villages that the world has sort of left behind. The houses mostly are very old and those that are occupied look to have been modernised inside as our apartment has. Construction here is all in stone with some plastered over at some stage in their lives.

We headed off towards the next village and found a directional sign indicating the pathway Gretchen had picked up on her mobile. However there was no obvious pathway just a farm track with a very large puddle of water which looked a bit formidable to get past.

So we continued down to the D60 which had a bit of a grass verge which enabled us to keep clear of the few trucks that passed us.

Just before we reached the next village of Doulevant-le-Chateau we came across a very grand building that looked like it might have been a chateau in past years. Now though the gates were firmly locked and the extensive grounds in front of the main building were overgrown. It must have looked quite a sight in its heyday.

We found the boulangerie in the main street but although it was just midday and it was supposed to be open until 12.30pm it was closed and the shutters were pulled making it look like it hadn’t been open at all today.

Just along the road was a Casino store so we checked that out for some fresh bread to take back for lunch but came up short there too. It will just have to be toast bread with our omelettes today.

We explored the small village a bit further walking down to the ‘Blaise’, the small stream that ran near the disused railway line. Putting two and two together and realising that the stream had been close to the field track we looked to take to get here we followed the stream and old railway track back in the direction of DLSP.

It was the farm track that we had seen earlier and it made a pleasant walk past fields of newly planted maize and barley that was getting near to be harvested.

We had a relaxing time back in the apartment after lunch reading and snoozing in the shade.

Our hosts Ingrid and Stephane had invited us for drinks at 7pm and we joined them in their backyard with their 17mth old daughter Leonie. By the time 9pm came around we had had lots of conversation and consumed two bottles of wine. They both speak reasonable English and it was probably our accents and speed of delivery that caused them to wonder what we had said before they responded.

It had been a very relaxed day and the turnaround in the temperature has been welcome. Tomorrow it is expected to get above 30C!

PS:enjoy a bit of country music(not French though)with the Ozark Mountain Daredevils on Youtube

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25th June 2016
Chateau outside Doulevent-le-Chateau

Beautiful French countryside
I love these little villages that you visit and the lovely countryside. Glad the weather is finally warm, the sun is out for pretty photos and you survive the coming heat!
25th June 2016
Chateau outside Doulevent-le-Chateau

It is a lovely part of the world.Unfortunately the weather had turned on us today.Never mind the sun is now out again

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