Carnac Megalithique Alignments

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October 13th 2015
Published: October 19th 2015
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Carnac Megalithique AlignmentsCarnac Megalithique AlignmentsCarnac Megalithique Alignments

Rocks all on a row in a paddock
Megalithiques de Bretagne 13thOct.

The Carnac Alignments.

In some otherwise ordinary looking paddocks near the town of Carnac in Brittany there are these lines of big rocks.

The story is that these rock sited predate Stonehenge. While Stonehenge might be bigger and newer. the Carnac rocks are much more numerous. There are about 3000 of these things standing in columns and rows across a slightly undulating paddock.

The French call these things Alignments. Well they are aligned in rows. So what better name could you give them.

Looking around a number of questions come to mind.

Why? Like these sorts of Neolithic era sites around the world on one really knows why rocks are assembled like this. Or why “they” did not do it some other way or why “they” bothered to build them.

How? Those who study these things tell us that the rocks were placed here long before the invention of the wheel or other mechanical lifting and transporting devices.

While it’s interesting to look at and ponder upon, the other question that comes to mind is why would

Rocks all on a row in a paddock
people care a career out of studying and researching how and why. Henry Ford reckoned history is bunk- or so my history book tells me.

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Rocks all on a row in a paddock

Rocks all on a row in a paddock

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