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Europe » France » Brittany » Carnac October 13th 2015

Megalithiques de Bretagne 13thOct. The Carnac Alignments. In some otherwise ordinary looking paddocks near the town of Carnac in Brittany there are these lines of big rocks. The story is that these rock sited predate Stonehenge. While Stonehenge might be bigger and newer. the Carnac rocks are much more numerous. There are about 3000 of these things standing in columns and rows across a slightly undulating paddock. The French call these things Alignments. Well they are aligned in rows. So what better name could you give them. Looking around a number of questions come to mind. Why? Like these sorts of Neolithic era sites around the world on one really knows why rocks are assembled like this. Or why “they” did not do it some other way or why “they” bothered to build them. How? Those ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Carnac June 2nd 2015

Monday 1 June 2015 A wonderful welcome to the first day of Summer - the sun is shining. Auray was only a one night stand and was close enough to the coastal town of Carnac. Before heading off on our expedition we popped into Mr Leclerc for lunch provisions. Pastries, bread rolls, cheeses, tomatoes and bananas went into the bag. A very nice elderly French lady helped with the weighing. We think she was getting rather anxious that we were holding up progress. She was so nice about it. Then a lady, in a very Midlands English accent apologized in French for bumping into us. After a lengthy chat we all agreed it was nice to talk some English for a change, we wished each other bon voyage and went our separate ways. Our "bonjours" must ... read more
St Nazaire

Europe » France » Brittany » Carnac May 6th 2013

It’s a great job taking the tent down when it’s soaked!!!! We must have slept through the rain but woke to find we might be snug and dry but outside, although warm and very sunny, it was pretty wet. Having got everything away we headed off to Pouance to view the Castle. Woolly says – Another Castle, my life is so sweet, Prince Woolly rides again. A quick dash into Super U to restock the vital supplies (wine, beer, cider and bread!) and we followed the back roads through glorious sunshine. With the music playing and Jo and Ian telling me every time there is a field of cows – no idea why! We made good time and arrived with eyes peeled for signs. Pulling in through the castle gates (No way would Georgie have got ... read more
Why isn't it open!!!
What a lovely ruin
A beautiful place

Europe » France » Brittany » Carnac July 18th 2012

Hallo ihr Lieben Bald ist meine Reise vorbei... v.a. mit einem weinenden Auge verlasse ich nun diese Gegend. Die letzten Tage waren wunderschön! Wenn man plötzlich irgendwie genug hat wie das bei mir der Fall war, als ich hier in Carnac angekommen bin, und auch weiss, weshalb man "die Nase voll hat", dann sind die "kleinen" Sachen, die diese Situation verändern und einem so guttun und einfach eintreten, ein Geschenk. Und so ging es mir in den letzten Tagen. Nachdem ich den letzten Blog geschrieben habe, habe ich tatsächlich den Windsurfstrand gefunden, St-Colomban. Es hatte ja auch Wind und so versuchte ich es auch mit meinem neuen 6.0-Segel. Wunderbar hat es geklappt. Auf der Karte suchte ich mir einen Campingplatz intuitiv nach dem für mich ansprechendsten Namen aus, und landete auf Les Druides. Und hier konnte ... read more
Cote Sauvage 2
Cote Sauvage 3
Caute Sauvage mit Bodyboardern

Europe » France » Brittany » Carnac October 1st 2010

Motorhome News from Europe 43 9th - 23rd September 2010 A trip down Memory Lane Limousin, La Rochelle, St Nazaire, Carnac, Pont-Aven, Quimper, Chateauneuf-du-Faou, Rose Granite Coast, Le-Mont-St-Michel The hands of time drift gently by the morning mist on languid streams ebony mirrors embrace the sky And I think of you I feel the warmth of sunny days lazy walks on sandy beaches the crystal breeze on snow-capped mountains And I think of you Narrow streets on cobbled hills timbered houses hand in hand pastel shutters, red geraniums And I think of you I hear the rustle of silvery leavesphoto=5659... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Carnac June 27th 2010

Well there's not much to report from this trip! It was just the parents, Sarah and myself down in Carnac, more precisely at La Trinité-sur-Mer, for a few days. Also saw some WWI memorial sites (Dad has a fetish for these). The weather was nice enough, and to be honest it was nice just to get away from the PhD madness and do NOTHING! I watched loads of crap tele and read read read. Of course i managed to bug Sarah by just being myself...happy times. What was great to see were the abundance of the stones in Carnac. So amazing to think that some 5000 to 6000 years ago some guys (and gals) decided to place these stones together. For what reason!? Went to the local museum, but to be honest no one really knows ... read more
Nah i can't remember...must asked the sister
Such lovely weather!

Europe » France » Brittany » Carnac March 11th 2010

Thursday 11.3.2010 day 149 Carnac - standing stones in Brittany We drove from Paris to Carnac today. Once we got to Carnac we checked into our wonderful hotel with fantastic views across the river. We then went to the Carnac Alignments a Neolithic site that is 6,000 years old. Legion has that the stones were Roman legionaries turned to stone and local belief had them to be Magical stones. From 1830 onward the French started to buy and preserving the megaliths. This site has about 4 thousand stones and goes over 4 km the tallest stone it about 6 meters high. We then drove to the nearby site des megaliths de locmariaquer which dates back 6,500 years and stands at the entrance to the gulf of the Morbithan. Here there is 20.6 meter stone that weighs ... read more
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