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May 14th 2019
Published: May 14th 2019
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Barbera didnt really want Gary to come up and play basketball with me and dave but, like a trooper, he completely ignored her and joined us in a game. We played 1x1 with one watching and, once I beat Gary, he and dave had a game together. None of what happened next was my fault....I was a mere spectactor. Dave threw the ball and it richoched off the hoop and onto Gary's head...unfortuneatly, he had his sun glasses on and it was this which did the damage.... The glasses were impaled onto his nose and cut the bridge quite badly.... we did not see the blood at first but once Gary had walked over to us it was bleeding quite badly. Oops!!

we then told Gary that he was not permitted to return to Barbera until the bleeding had stopped and he no longer needed to hold tissues to the wound. So we played football instead and had fun smashing the ball at each other whilst one guarded the two tiny goals....then we played cricket.... then we made him walk to the golf tourny.... it wasnt for over an hour that he had to face Barbera... by which time Dave and I had made our escape to the pool and hot tubs. When she eventually did catch up with us I was the loyal wife and pointed to dave telling her "it was him!".

silly old chimp he is! You can see from the photos that he was still smiling. We all feel a bit tired today but have enjoyed our sea day. All four of us went down to the wine tasting, complimentary for dave and me but Barb and Gary had to pay a small cover charge. We have never tried this before and even though i do not like wine at all, everyone enjoyed it. I preferred the final two red wines but i think dave liked the dry white best of all.

Today has been gorgeous weather, not hot but blue skies and calm seas...we even got to enjoy some time on the balcony although barb insisted on a blanket.... it really was not cold. Harry potter trivia was this evening and we came close only dropping points for the theme tune and composer...not close enough though!

all of us are in bed earlish tonight and we have our final stop tomorrow in Gadansk Poland. i dont think i spelled that right but dave is already asleep and i am not getting up to check.



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