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March 9th 2009
Published: March 12th 2009
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Finland is BeautifulFinland is BeautifulFinland is Beautiful

Another gorgeous picture while driving. Note the Prius is crusing along at a whopping 1 kph. This is about the speed at which it starts to shake and feel unstable.
An uneventful start to the week and an uneventful drive home from work too. No moose sighting yet 😞 No reindeer, no rabbits, no squirrels... Nada. Although, we did see the squirrel at work and Dave mentioned he saw a rabbit one day too. Now, don't get me wrong... The views are amazing here! Just seeminly devoid of wildlife. The views are especially gorgeous when we take the back roads, which we do most days.

An interesting tidbit: I believe reindeer is what they're called when domesticated. Wild they are caribou. I never knew that. Do you think they taste different?


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