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March 3rd 2009
Published: March 4th 2009
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Dave & LauraDave & LauraDave & Laura

Intentionally blurred to protect the innocent ;)
I came in number one among the Moore children today by giving Mom her first birthday wishes. Yes it may have still been Monday in the Quad Cities, but it was her birthday in Finland! Anyway, Happy Birthday Mom. Miss ya!

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was my work lunch. I had Russian Cabbage Rolls that were very good. Filled with some sort of meat and potato mixture and served with rice. Maybe you're figuring this out on your own, but Finnish cuisine is just a tid bit starchy. Moving on... Today at lunch was Georgian Cabbage Casserole. I didn't try it, I went with a pasta dish, but I did wonder about it. Not that it was possibly yesterdays leftovers in a new form. I was thinking more about how Russia and Georgia don't necessarily get along... Perhaps this is why the chefs segregated them to different days? You'd think with something as heartwarming as cabbage in common they wouldn't argue as much.

We stuck at work a bit later than normal since I was fielding some calls from home, but eventually we got on the road. Arriving at the hotel we unloaded the backpacks, entertained
Pinot Noir?Pinot Noir?Pinot Noir?

I don't think so! This is my best snooty Frenchman pose by the way. I hope Frans is proud.
bubbles at the bar for a drink and then tried Take 2 with Ravintolla Myllarit that was closed last night. Success tonite, including a suprisingly cute waitress!

Dave and I started with a soup of sherried mushrooms in cream. Do I even need to say how amazing that was? I don't think so. Laura had seafood soup that she rated better than our soup. For mains: I went with a steak topped with garlic herb butter and a swiss potato cake; excellent. Dave had, to quote, "Some of the best chicken I've ever had!" And Laura had a steak with pepper cream sauce and a baked potato. Everyone enjoyed their dishes. Laura and I each had a glass of a South African wine, advertized as a Pinot Noir blend, but having the black pepper spiciness of a Syrah. I'd trust the menu over my taste, but I sure think there may have been a translation error since I didn't get much Pinot Noir from it. Maybe when Liz comes we'll check it out with her more professional palate. Oh, and also for those in the know... This restaurant had a very nice cognac collection, including none other than Chateau de Montifaud!

We made one note: Why are the chicken wings so small, but the chicken breast Dave had was normal size? My conclusion is that it's a California chicken... With some augmentation. Dave affirms me that it was very tender and not at all rubbery so maybe I'm wrong.


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