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June 28th 2011
Published: June 28th 2011
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So, my first slightly drunk blog so please excuse any spelling mistakes (beside the usual). Tallinn was awesome compared to russia. From the moment you get off the boat people are more friendly and welcoming, with stalls and free internet the second you walk off the boat.
I got off the ship with my cabin mate Aldis (sound engineer whos job I want) and we took the shuttle to old Tallinn. Old Tallinn is exactly like a medieval theme park, with sections of old casltes, old style stalls and traders everywhere. They have really embraced their roots and live it to the full. Everyone in all the shops/stalls are in period costume, so there really are sections where you could belive you have gone back in time 500 years.
We walked through the old market squares, up to the view point on top of the city. From there you can see all of old Tallinn and new Tallinn all the way out to the port. The port layout for the ships was kind of funny, as all the local ferries and cruise ships looked like they were huddling together in a corner, with Queen Victoria over in another corner on her own doing her best british 'Im high class and better than you' impression.
We spent a good half an hour on the view point taking photos of the scenery, even getting chatted up by 2 local girls who were running a snacks and water stall.
once we had had our fill of photos we walked down the hill and back into the 'theme park'. I got some food from a local bakery, which was so much cheaper than anywhere else in the baltic. I got a huge pizza type thing and a pastry for 1euro 95cents (my keyboard doesnt have the euro symbol). As we were wandering through town we saw a couple of guys from one of the ships band outside a pub, so decided to sit with them for a beer.We tried some honey beer that was actually brewed in the pub that we were in. Again everyone was in costume and once you walked inside the bar there were hunks of meat hanging from the wall, signs were in ye olde typeface and it really felt like a medieval bar.
An hour later (and lots of beer) we headed back to the ship in the glorious sunshine thhat appeared for us.
We are now sailing round copenhagen on our way to zebrugge. I had my first falling out with someone today, the drummer in the theatre has no social skills at all and no-one gets on with him. I wont go into details, but he has one more chance before I properly fall out with the antisocial git.
One of our stage crew is ill so we are having to cover her duties tomorrow, but because I got in quick it does mean I get to work the cinema tomorrow (set the theatre to movie mode then sit and watch the film) so tomorrow afternoon will be spent watching the kings speech. We have one more sea day before we return to southampton to start our tour to the norwegian fyords, which everyone is raving about and I am really looking forward to as the scenery is meant to be amazing.
Thats all for now, speak to you all soon I hope :D


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