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March 19th 2009
Published: March 19th 2009
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Charlie's schoolCharlie's schoolCharlie's school

This is where my friend goes to school in Tallinn (friends name is Charlie, or Charlotte)
Just a few days ago, I visited the capital of Estonia (Tallinn) to see a few friends and to see the parliament building. The other exchange kids met us there in Tallinn of course too. When we got to the parliament building, we met Estonia's prime minister: Andrus Ansip. He is a funny man and showed us (just for a joke) a letter that George Bush Jr. hand wrote. Not meaning to be the sound hypocritical, yet his handwriting was quite terrible and we all laughed at the fact that none of us could read it- even me. Later Ansip showed us a "translated letter" of what he wrote. It was interesting to see that my previous president would take the time to write a handwritten letter though- sweet of him actually.
Unfortunately, while I was there, it snowed. I love snow... when it is light and fluffy. Not when it is really small stuff, and then turns into water faster than you could imagine. That sounds like a blonde moment to some of you, yet if you live in a place where it snows for almost six months (or are at least allotted a six month period where it is

Here we have a random statue in Tallinn... no idea what it is yet fun to look at.
"normal to snow"), then you start distinguishing the differences between the types of snow. Rather ridiculous, seeing as how I am from a place where we call shrubs front lawn decoration. Anyway, so it snowed all night, and kept it up in the morning, and all throughout the day. We had to walk around in this nasty snow pretty much all day so of course all of our shoes were soaked. It just so happened that my socks were soaked as well, and I didn't have the chance to change them until I got home about 10pm that night because I had to go back to Saaremaa. Defiantly makes you appreciate the warm things in life!
We also visited a building just off of parliament. There was a man who gave a quick guided tour of the place. The best part of the whole thing was when we entered a room with this special ceiling. If two people went into opposite corners, then it would create some special magical phenomenon, (I have no idea what actually happened yet it was really awesome!) so when one person talked, the other person could hear it, yet it wasn't quite your voice. It
Old buildingOld buildingOld building

In the "old town" of Tallinn, they have a center square where this really old building is.
was like talking into the tin can phones: your voice was distorted and far away sounding, and so fantastic! When anyone talked in the room, the ceiling echoed whatever was said so we couldn't really understand each other half the time.
One last place we visited that day as a group was an art museum. We were supposed to go to this place and another one that was given the title of the best art gallery in all of Europe (even above the Lourve). However, the one day we decide to go, it is closed. ahahaha... as luck should have it. No worries though, we had a really intriguing time in this art museum. Just to tell a bit about it (because the pictures will say more than I can) it was originally built as a castle type house for Estonian president to live in. Then was turned into a museum, and then later needed to be used by a Swedish king when Estonia was under Swedish rule. Eventually, they turned it back into a museum, the one it is today.
When I went to Tallinn, I got there a few days before everyone else. I wanted to visit my
In the middle of the centerIn the middle of the centerIn the middle of the center

Charlie and I are enjoying our time together
German friend (my roomie in Estonia tour) who lives in Tallinn. We had two days to kind of do as we pleased on the town so I hope you enjoy looking at what sort of mischief we got into. I know we did!
Now I bid adieu, to you, to you, to you and you and you. Good night.

Additional photos below
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Great pubGreat pub
Great pub

with a really great Irish menu! No beer of course yet the food is fantastic! Hell hunt in Estonian means sweet wolf, so it can be taken in English or Estonian!
Nice fountainNice fountain
Nice fountain

with Hesburger in the background. Brilliant

random building
theatre housetheatre house
theatre house

just outside of old town
Hard to see thatHard to see that
Hard to see that

I am in the air
She had to copy me...She had to copy me...
She had to copy me...

best form of flatery! :)
Really nice hotelReally nice hotel
Really nice hotel

Domina City Hotel
Brazilians can't handle the heat in PalimentBrazilians can't handle the heat in Paliment
Brazilians can't handle the heat in Paliment

Luis at the top and Gustavo towards the bottom. Even Braszlians can't take it!
view from aboveview from above
view from above

we all sat in the press box so we could see everything down below

20th March 2009

How awesome it is to see all that!! I can only imagine the feel in those buildings:):)

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