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February 22nd 2009
Published: February 22nd 2009
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To ski. Being an exchange student should have one golden rule. Well a few, yet one above all else: Expect the unexpected. It is not as easy as it appears, and is just as rewarding when you figure out how those two sticks work as well as moving your feet with little boards attached to them.
A couple of us exchange students (the one in Estonia) all went to this place that is in southern Estonia to go skiing. The cabin type of house that we stayed in was pretty cozy and very warm, unlike the weather outside. When we first got there (after it took me seven hours to go to Tartu from the island including the ride on the boat which was only about forty-five, and then another hour drive to the town), it was -17 degrees Celsius. Fortunately it did get warmer.
It snowed all night and made some great new start for us the next day! Imagine, if you will, six teenagers trying to ski with only two of us doing this before. It was a site to see for sure! The ground was magnificent and the scenery that was just outside your window (literally) was so wonderful. Skiing was great because for about four hours or so, we all went on this huge trail that took out just outside of the city limits and then took us back. After the trail, we had lunch and because there were so many of us and only one bowl of potatoes, one small dish of meat, and one glass of milk for each of us, we had to play rock paper scissors to see who went to go ask for more: I didn’t lose! Well, we got more, that time. The sad thing being was that every time we sat down for a meal (except breakfast which was a buffet), we had to go up and get more just because we were all so hungry.
Anyway, after our trail, some of us went to go check out the sleds that we available. They had a few ones that looked like plates and two that were like the sitting down and ride in- almost like the red wheels wagons for snow. One of our adventures going down including shoving five of us onto three of the plate sleds. Then we went down and recorded our faces. It was priceless!
Then came dinner time. We were super hungry. There also happened to be a bar downstairs and they served some sweets. Once we bought some ice cream bars, and some chocolate mix, we headed back to our rooms. It was like a hotel because all of our rooms were in the big cabin, yet of course we could walk out and meet each other in the main room. We watched this horrible scary movie, and sat around in a circle afterwards telling jokes until all of us cried. Shortly after we took showers, and hit the sack.
The next day was similar because we went skiing for a bit, yet not as long. When we were finished, we ate lunch and packed up out things. It was a short stay, yet really great to see all of the Eesti kids!


23rd February 2009

That sounds great Berk!! Im glad you enjoyed those ankle breaking boots;)

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