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October 2nd 2009
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I'm not sure how they got all the dirt in and out of there, but the set-up was pretty sweet.
A quick recap of October 2: The Olympic committee met in Copenhagen on Friday to decide which candidate city would be the host in 2016. The candidates were Tokyo, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, and Madrid. This is why Obamas and Oprah were in town. The Danes really like Pres. Obama. His arrival was the only thing on the news Friday morning, and my cousins were almost late for school because they wanted to watch his plane land on the television. I never realized that the host city selection process was a big deal before, but I guess when you are hosting the decision things are a little different, a little more involved. City Hall Square, or RĂ„dhusplads, was transformed into a mini-Olympic festival. They had a jump-roping team, trampolines, two small soccer courts, and a dirt motocross track. There was also a screen where we heard the final announcement and a stage where different bands performed. The crowd was diverse and energetic with Japanese, Brazilian, Spanish, and US supporters wearing their respective flags and colors. The highlight of my evening, and I'm sure you'll agree if you grew up in the 90s, was... AQUA! Like "Barbie Girl" Aqua. They are as

Copenhagen Olympic Festival!
fierce as they ever were, performing in kilts and headdresses, and I never wanted the magic to end.

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