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September 14th 2012
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Cannot upload photos. Boo HOO. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh..

We started off innocently enough today.

We met the tour group last night at an arranged dinner. We are 41 people in all. Most are retired. Sign of things to come.

After about an hour and half we stopped at a road side watering hole just accross the border from Germany. Unbeknownest to me and the others on the bus, when we finished our do-do, after we flushed, we were subjected to a show of a flushing toilet we never experienced before.

As the toilet flushed and arm was pushed out over the toilet seat and that arm grabbed hold of the toilet seat and began spinning the actual toilet seat around, cleaning it. the toilet seat deformed into an oval and reformed back to its original shape. It was the funnyest thing to see when you least expect it.

WE reached Prague about 3PM in the afternoon. This last leg of the trip is about excursions so tonight we booked one called "Prague by night" Prague is made up of 27 or so districts and are numbered 1- 27 from the oldest district being 1 to the newest.

As we passed into Prague I noticed odd things such as the first floor of some buildings, they had there windows bricked from the inside but away from the actual window.

Also english is prevelant and is written as the second language. Czech beer ( Pilsner") is pretty good although it is a bit bitter.

Lots of streetcars, cobblestones and beautiful archetecture from the early centuries.

As we got started on the excursion the history was being explained to us. The night lights were awesome. As well, we stopped in a pub where we were treated to a very talented Accordin player who finishd of by playing the "winter" section of the four seasons by Vivldi. It was incredible to watch how he ws to accomplish this using an accordian and not a violin.

Tomorrow we experiance Prague by day!


15th September 2012

Spinning toilets...
I do hope you captured a video of the toilet--and thrilled you weren't sucked in by the toilet tornado--love you much and God Speed!

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