Day 6, "Czech out my pot....."

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June 13th 2009
Published: June 14th 2009
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near the National Theater

Day 6, "Czech out my pot".....

No, I haven't started smoking marijuana since I've arrived in Europe, but it took me forever to find a cooking pot here. 😉 Today was pretty quiet, still recovering from my illness. Started researching bands for United Islands next week. I'm familiar with absolutely none of them, which is kind of exciting, everything will be totally knew. I may go back to guitar shop the next couple days and get some top recommendations from the guy that says his band is playing in the festival though.

Got out around 6 searching for a place to eat. The waitress was about my age and didn't speak any English, which was surprising. She couldn't even understand my very broken attempt at speaking Czech. Had my first authentic check meal, some sort of beef soaked in gravy with potato dumplings and cranberries thrown on top. Afterwards I found my first paper shop!=office supply store in America. Yes, friends and family, I know you may be snickering at this, but you know, some people like their chocolate...I like my hole punchers =) I needed it for school. It's actually in a 6 story shopping mall really close to the Municipal house, and there is also a 4 story bookstore (with a whole large section for English books as well (by far the largest I've seen thus far)

Things are remarkably quiet for a Saturday night. Unlike the U.S. where shops often stay open later on Saturday, half of everything closes on weekends, including tourist destinations. The trams and subways run less often too. One theory for why this may be is that supposedly every weekend many Czechians leave the city for their weekend homes in the Czech countryside. But come Monday, the shop lights and drunken hollers will return


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