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July 22nd 2008
Published: July 22nd 2008
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My bag is missing!
tear apart the room
a dorm room with fake wood furniture and a bunk bed
sharing the toilets like the good old days

retrace my steps
i didn't leave it at the restaraunt
Peter made to put it in his own bag
"No, no," i said, "I can carry it."
I noted the annoying way it slid off my raincoated shoulder walking back

In the bathroom
I put it down in the bathroom
track down the cleaning lady
she doesn't speak english

when something is missing
and not where it's supposed to be
a certain space of panic ensues
but where could it be
under the covers?

front desk people asking stupid questions
"maybe you left it outside? did you check your room?"

and then as I'm writing a note to post everywhere
my bag is delivered
i have a brief spell of relief

but my wallet is not here
and just a moment before the things i was bemoaning the most
were my notebook and the postcards i wrote last night
which are there
slightly bent
oh and my camera
the same make of camera
the camera that replaced the one stolen out of my luggage in Morroco

i have now posted signs asking for the return of the memory cards
and my i.d. card
so many good pictures
and how lucky am i
in this day and age in the position that i'm in
that money can be wired to me

and i have my notebook

hopefully this will not taint the rest of our short stay here
we wandered across the bridge and into quirky bars and pubs
it is cold here
and i miss Greece heat

the beer gets darker the more north we go
tomorrow we go to Berlin


22nd July 2008

Oh, Piss
Lils, What a friggen bummer. I'm so sorry to hear of your woes. I'll wire you some love along with your coming money :) and if you're feeling terribly woebegone (best word ever, however you spell it), just think of that John Mayer song, "No More 3 x 5's" and pretend you MEANT not to have pictures of your adventures . . . Kisses. Tess

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