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June 30th 2011
Published: August 21st 2011
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So we arrive in Prague (or to Prague residents - Praha) we had many laughs over that one. Anyway... wandering through the streets of Praha at night, desperately trying to find our hostel, we finally get there, sweaty as usual and joy to the world they have overbooked themselves (love my life). However, they sent us to their twin hostel about 2 miles away - literally luxury (for the amount we payed anyway).

We met some great people in Prague. I think this was due to the fact that there was a pub underneath our hostel with insanely cheap beer = no need to go out. On the first night we met some hot guys from Mexico, did I say hot and Mexico, oh yeah I did. They were crazy drinkers. We educated them in the new age craze of planking, they had never heard of this before and were obsessed. They planked on people's cars, on trucks, literally anything. Although I tried to take home the win by planking on a solar powered parking metre, it was a pretty good plank not gonna lie.

The next day "To the Zoo", "Prague Zoo - in Top 10 of World's Best Zoos"
Such a great day, however we weren't too thrilled about the constant walking at an inlcine, up and up and up. We had just came from the Netherlands, one word to describe them : flat, so this walking up hill malarky was tiring us out.

That night we were tired from walking up hills so decided to stay in (again). The pub was so quaint; exposed brick walls, low beamed ceiling with vintage style furniture, dimmed lighting and The Beatles continually playing in the background. It was the perfect setting for a quiet eveing in with some strangers 😊

We met the epitamy of cool that night - Vince from Vancouver (his name had to be Vince didn't it, when I think of Vince I think of some under the radar new york mobster that drinks espresso by day and shoots people by night😊 He wore a tan, oversized leather jacket with a roughed up checkered shirt beneath allowing his ample chest hair to peak out, meeting the aged leather chord tied around his neck. He was cool, there is no other way to explain it...Oh and he listen to jazz.

That night we sat around the coffee table with Vince from Vancouver, Angelo from South Africa, Ollie from Charter House, Barry from Texas, a girl from the Ukraine who was going out with Barry from Texas and pretensious Dominic from Soho; it was quite the mixture.

All in all Prague was beautiful, not just in parts, everywhere you walked was beautiful. The architechture wasn't concentrated either, it was spread throughout the city like a well buttered slice.

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