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June 22nd 2012
Published: June 23rd 2012
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1: Choir Practice 40 secs
This is going to be a down day, relaxing again. We saw some of the old town last night, and will probably try for the other high points tonight. We cooked breakfast and Gary did another load of laundry. The internet connection is fantastic, so we caught up on blogs and other travel arrangements. It was quite warm (83 degrees inside) and we don't have AC here (neither do any of the houses in this area). The heat made us very sleepy and content to do nothing.

Coffee has been an interesting problem here in Croatia. Unlike Italy, were every apartment has at least one coffee pot (stove top boiler), we have not seen any form of a pot here in Croatia. They seem to use Nescafe instant coffee or get good “white”coffee at the bar or snack shop. We brought a package of coffee from the apartment in Otranto, and have had to boil a pot of water, put a few tablespoons of coffee in it to steep and strain it through a paper towel. It works.

Our host, Senija, came to help us with ferry arrangements for tomorrow and to settle up. She likes us and called Gary “Prince William” (his first name is Wm.). She was quite surprised we were from America. She called the ferry and we found out the one that comes tomorrow leaves from Luka Vela on the west end of Korcula. We have to take a cab at 11:30, 12:15 bus to the ferry at Luka Vela, then the ferry to Split. Everything here is in cash, so I need to make a run to the money tree!

Senija also brought us some treats. First we got a plate of her homemade bread, 2 cheeses and tomatoes. Then she came back with a bottle of her homemade GRAPPA and poured us each a glass. The grappa had lemons and lavender and other ingredients, and was very good for a 10:00 am picker-upper. She also insisted we try a peach after-dinner drink tonight (bottle sitting up on the shelf).

We were very tired again today… maybe the heat (86 in the house with the single fan running). We read, did internet, napped. Around 5 we went down to the beach and cooled off.

We went to town to get some cash and wine. We saw our apartment owner in the grocery, where she works. We walked around the old town and heard a beautiful choir practicing in the cathedral. We followed a group of nuns from the church on one block down the street to the Church of St. Nicholas, and got a peek inside… nice painting over the alter. We made the hike up the hill for the 3rd time today… taking longer, maybe 15 minutes, now.

We made a salad of all our leftovers, sausage, tomatoes, cucumber, onion and potatoes, and had a glass Senija’s peach grappa. The breeze outside was so pleasant after the heat of the day.


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Clear WaterClear Water
Clear Water

You can see the shadow of the boat on the bottom of the sea
Our Sobe on the rightOur Sobe on the right
Our Sobe on the right

We have the first terrace level
Our viewOur view
Our view

Our view from the sea view apartments; you have to WALK a long way UP to get a view like this!!!

23rd June 2012

Coffee and money
In Kyrgyzstan we were never able to find brewed coffee only Nescafe. It is also a totally cash society. Soviet influences I suppose.
1st July 2012

We had the same problem all over Croatia and Slovenia. Luckily we brought coffee from Italy with us. Filters were a problem, but we were creative, from wash clothes to paper towels!!!

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