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September 21st 2019
Published: September 22nd 2019
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Today has been all about the old town of Dubrovnik. Breakfast, then caught the local bus number 4 to the Old Town. It was reasonably early but the bus was a sardine can. Thankfully I got a seat- I think my white hair came into play again! Accents were Aussie, British, American and all sorts of Europeans.

Arriving, we all poured out of the bus at the wall of the Old Town. The crowds were unbelievable! Dobrovnik has not yet worked out how to manage the crowds and endless large tourist bus. The streets were clogged. They could learn from how Budapest manages the Buda side of the Danube. I counted at least 10 tour guides holding up flags, numbers or umbrellas and I’m sure there were more. The cruise ships are also constant visitors and several were in port- small to large.

I decided to go up in the cable car first and the. I could be a free agent within the walls. But unfortunately so did everyone else. I was in the queue for an hour- hot sun but good company. The Old Town is the only place in Dubrovnik I had to pay to use a bathroom. Anyway, eventually got into the cable car 🚠 and headed up to the top with spectacular views on the way up, at the top and then on the way down. I’m not good with heights but this was a must.

Queuing for a long time either brings out the best or worst in people. Some have no manners or courtesies and push their way through anyone. You need to hold your ground or you’ll be left for dead.

Once back down I headed into the Old Town surrounded by the bastion walls. I entered at a higher level than where I got off the bus so everywhere I turned there were about 50 well worn limestone steps heading downward. There were apartments, people’s homes with washing hanging precariously from above and little surprises everywhere- whether that be a decorative door, a flowering vine or a peek through a window. But it was important to keep a close eye on your footing and take your time. These limestone steps have been walked on for centuries and can be slippery.

I did a walking tour, visited Churches, Synagogue and was very impressed when I found a gluten free Pizzeria I had researched by reading stone street signs and using a map. It’s a maze of narrow lane ways but at least unlike the medina of 900 streets in Fez in Morocco, this at least had street signs that with patience and a squint could be read. And here it was at the bottom of the steps used in Game of Thrones. So a Prosecco, gluten free pizza in the Old Town Dubrovnik- wonderful. I’m not a Game of Thrones watcher but who knows I might binge watch on the flight home and see what the fuss is all about. I people watched as I ate lunch. Interesting to watch the different cultures. Following lunch I meandered a bit more discovering other things. I went to climb the wall to walk its length but the crowds were more than ridiculous and most unpleasant so I decided that was an experience I could live without.

Back on the number 4 bus mid afternoon which once again was a sardine can and off we went. I was grateful I saw some familiar faces who got on the bus with me because I couldn’t see where we were. So when they got off so did I.

Time for swim and met a nice young couple from the UK as we laughed in between the oooh and aaahs of pain from the stones and the coolness of the proclaimed 23 degrees water. Eventually we all go under and kept chatting as we bobbed up and down in water that had become quite comfortable in temperature.

Showered and took a book down to the outdoor bar/ terrace for a coffee as the sun went down.

Old Town Dubrovnik is amazing but the crowds are challenging. A great day.

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23rd September 2019

Exploring the Dobrovnik Old Town
Picture orf the double door I love. Old Town - the steps and heights of the building are spectacular. Would be such a challenge walking through these streets. Oz time Saturday 21st. I joined Terry, my two daughters Jess and Bec and grand-dtr Ashley at the Pies/GWS preliminary. Needless to say, apart from the Pies despertate challenge in the last qtr - lost by 4 points. GWS were better on the day. So the 10yr old GWS will be playing in the grand final against the Tigers. MCG mostly black and white. Very nail-bighting last few minutes. A subdued shattered Pies crowd left the ground. The train trip home was also subdued and flat. Little Ashley could see the score board and she was getting excited as the crowd cheered the Pies to get the last goal. She wass so sad and cried. Terry said she will get us3ed to that being a Pies folower. I let him know that it was the Hawks beating the Eagles in Perth that got the Pies to finish 4th. Our son Chris is arriving Thursday night and had a ticket to the Grand Final. His mates watched the game at the pub in Northbridge. Very flat. We are still looking forward to seeing him stay with us for a few days. My grandson Jake and his dad Wes follow the Tigers. We will have the family over at our place for the Grandfinal. So it will be all go for Melbourne grand final week. Brownlow medal tonight. The public holiday Friday. Cheers Anne

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