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July 7th 2014
Published: July 7th 2014
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Yesterday we explored Ljubljana, the smallest capital city in Europe. It has no world famous buildings but is beautiful nonetheless. We took a little train up the big hill to Ljubljana Castle which I was convinced wouldn't carry us the whole way but it managed okay! The views from the top were worth it. It was strange for a castle though, the old bits were in ruins and the preserved bits had just been turned into restaurants. We wondered around for a while, although the temperature of 29° and the blazing Sun made us slower than usual.
At the bottle of the hill, we got ice cream (the first of the entire trip, for which I think we deserve medals) and I posted some postcards to some lucky people. Then we walked back to the hostel which was family-run and one of our favourites so far, the guy even dropped us to the train station this morning.
The three-hour journey to Zagreb was a welcome respite from the heat. Trains here have compartments like on the Hogwarts Express and I felt sorry for the guy who had to share ours. What with Liz's cough and my cold there was a whole lot of coughing, sneezing and blowing of noses going on in that train.
Apart from a minor setback when we took the tram the wrong way and had to get off and on again, we made it to the hostel without too many issues. The place is really cool, with inspirational quotes written on the walls and nice meals for only €5.
We have tickets for a pub crawl tonight, but it just started with the thunder and lightning so we'll see.


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