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Europe » Bulgaria » Shumen Province August 9th 2017

Monuments - from supersized to ordinary size When we travelled in Bulgaria we noticed that they have many monuments. Actually some of their monuments are pretty difficult to avoid to notice simply because they are so darned large. Here in our last blog entry from Bulgaria we are going to write about the Bulgarian monuments. Buzludzha Monument - This monument is built on a peak in the Balkan Mountains, a place far away from any populated place at all. Although it takes a long time to drive there, don't even think about getting there using public transport, it is still worth the drive because this construction is something special. In the middle of nowhere, high up on a mountain top, there is a big round building, looking very much like a UFO, with a high concrete ... read more
Buzludzha Monument
Buzludzha Monument
Buzludzha Monument

Europe » Bulgaria » Shumen Province August 2nd 2017

From strangely shaped rocks, via 1,000 year old historical sites to a surprise find of a geyser We are now, just like the title indicates, going to tell you what we did and where we went during our second week in Bulgaria. Before we start writing we would like to point out that just like in the previous blog entry the photos don't come in chronological order. So there is little point in trying to retrace our route. • Razgrad - When we told people we met that Razgrad was on our itinerary for this trip they couldn't believe us. They all said that no Bulgarian doing a road trip in their own country would bother to visit Razgrad. We had a special reason, we had booked a half marathon there. It was a small race, ... read more
Ibrahim Pasha Mosque
Stone lion adorning a bridge
Coffee machine

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