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July 26th 2004
Published: July 26th 2004
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Postcard from NesebarPostcard from NesebarPostcard from Nesebar

A photo I took that resembles closely postcards that can be found on the streets.
Sounds exotic, Nesebar, roll the sounds around and it could be in Moroco, or just round the corner from Timbuktu. In fact Nesebar is located on an island with a narrow causeway linking it to the mainland, and the wonderfully named 'Sunny Beach'. We knew that this world heritage site would be popular with day trippers so deliberatly aimed to make our day trip a later one.

Buses run every half hour from 7am till 9pm both ways from Burgas, so not a problem there.

First impression: Tourist crazy - so man, throngs, herds, hordes, stampedes, plagues, what is the collective noun for tourist? I guess that I'm just part of this collective group but feel that there are a few major differences between the traveller and the holiday maker. Holiday maker: has very limited time, relatively unlimited budget. Traveller: has relatively unlimited time, very limited budget. Both groups seek to trade money for time and percieved enjoyment... ok I digress, back to Nessebar.

The town has a long history, 7,000 years of continuous occupation, somehow escaping destruction by successive invaders and occupations, only to be severly damaged by earthquakes, and losing half it area to the black
The BasilicaThe BasilicaThe Basilica

Originally built 6th C. Rebuilt 9th C. Destroyed in the 12th C. by Venetiens.
sea about 2,000 years ago. The archeology mueseum has exhibits and objects from all these periods, all labelled in English and Bulgarian, and more extensive information on the history only in Bulgarian! (Really a photocopied school boy translation would make a world of difference)

Many churches are scatted kiberally over the island, though only one still functions, and only a few are open, several have been converted into art galleries, which I think is a good use, rather than letting them fall into ruin or be locked up.

Away from the town gates and tour buses at the east end of the town the throngs relax and it is possible to find a few quiet streets and a cafe or two. Down at the docks fresh fish is offered fried in little buffets, little fish fried head, tail, guts and all, they were delicious and relived a childhood memory for Sara who'd been to Bulgaria when she was six.

Towards dark the crowds eased, buses to 'Sunny Beach' were crammed so full that doors wouldn't close, our bus back to Burgas was pleasantly uncrowded, I think we chose the best option using Burgas as a base for a few days.

Additional photos below
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Pantokrator ChurchPantokrator Church
Pantokrator Church

Built in the mid 14th C. reknowned for it's bell tour and urban location. The Art Gallery is worth visiting to see the interior.
St John Aliturgetos ChurchSt John Aliturgetos Church
St John Aliturgetos Church

Near to the dock area.
St John the BaptistSt John the Baptist
St John the Baptist

Built in the 10th Century - today houses another art gallery.
St TodorSt Todor
St Todor

Bit of a mystery this one.
Distinctive DecorationDistinctive Decoration
Distinctive Decoration

Found on nearly all the Churches in Nesebar
St StefanSt Stefan
St Stefan

Built 10th - 12th - we didn't enter to see the murals.
Fish and ChipsFish and Chips
Fish and Chips

Guts, Heads, Tails and All
Little FishLittle Fish
Little Fish

Yum yum, Sari reliving childhood memories.
Nesebar's WindmillNesebar's Windmill
Nesebar's Windmill

What it does, when it was built, why it's here no one seemed to know. On every postcard though.

8th March 2005

I have been in Nessebar last summer, and i've spent some nice time there. It's real cheap, even for Serbs who has monthly income of about 200 euro. Big glass of tequila is about 50ct :) Lunch in restaurant is real cheap too. There are great number of foregin tourists, meny Swedish chick :) You must be watchful when you change money in exchange offices, because Bulgarians are big thiefs. Official rate was 1.9 lev=1 euro. If you want to go there, go before the August15th, because of the weather. Have a nice time in Bulgaria, and maybe visit Montenegro first! - Jovo from Serbia
1st October 2005

oh nessebar can be a real paradise if you know how to make the best of it. watch out for the jellyfish and visit the marina, you might even end catching a fish! a nice place to run away from the everyday routine with your loved one! i've been there two times so far and... see you there again next year!

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