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Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant » Erps-Kwerps March 11th 2007

I'm not sure how much I'm going to get through here today because I have days and days and days to catch up on, and I don't have unlimited time at the moment, but we'll see how much I can do. I guess I'll start with Amsterdam, first. When we got of the train a sense of calm immediately fell over me. Ahhhh the Netherlands. I really like that country, a lot. After a bit of work to orient ourselves we figured out which of the narrow streets with a combination of trams, cars, and bikes flying down them, we were supposed to enter down. We found our hostel and may our way to our 20 bed room. That's right--that wasn't a typo. TWENTY beds! Ahhh backpacking. It was a pretty cheap place for Amsterdam, though, ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant » Erps-Kwerps March 10th 2007

For those of you wondering what has happened to me, this e-mail to my parents is the best I can do at this point. Sorry!!! Hi guys! I know it has been ages since I posted on the blog, but there have been some problems. The internet in Amsterdam seemed unreasonably pricy, so I opted to wait until we got to Brussels to just do a mammoth update then since we had a lot of time to kill until we could meet our friend from Thailand, Vicky, who has invited us to stay with her for a few days (she's so great!). However, once we got to Brussels, not only was the internet not thaaaaat much cheaper, but the keyboard was unbelievably different!!! It's not like Germany where just a couple, not very important letters are ... read more

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