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February 15th 2012
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Sorry everyone i know i haven't written in a while but i didn't have internet on my ski trip and i have been unmotivated recently. let me start by saying: i love tea! i used to hate it saying it had no flavor or no good flavor, but here they drink it every night at dinner so i have grown acustomed to it. i took a nap today but it was only for like a quarter of an hour so it was not very fufilling. i will try to go to bed earlier tonight. i lost the top jewl of my bellybutton ring recently and freaked out cuz it was expensive, in my distressed time the only substitute i could find was electrical tape so i used that but then the next day i was at my desk and looked down and saw it at my feet! i can't believe i didn't kick it! ok now for the ski trip and beyond!

sometime in Feb. sorry didn't write a date in my journal:

my hair froze while skiing and it wasn't even wet! that is how freakin' cold it is here in celsius it reached -19o so in fahrenheit that would be 13 degrees? that doesn't sound right. hmm maybe i guess that is right? anyway, sorry but in the beginning i didn't write much. they are very into marmalade (orange) there are these cookies that are soft disks of vannila cake with a layer of orange marmalade dipped in chocolate. they are good but weird. this next part is taken directly from my journal so it is in the present when i wrote it: Eww we just ate dinner and I swear they have lunch and dinner mixed up! They usually eat a pretty big lunch that is almost always different. But for dinner ohhh noo god forbid we ate something other than various types of bread with BUTTER and cheeses and peanut butter and nutella! They put butter on everything!!!! A sandwich should be like this bread, like two pats of butter, then cheese of various types or meat that has to fit on the bread just right if there is a corner over hanging the bread look out distasteful food! They have to cut it off! And for desert we had these bun type things filled with plum jam, with vanilla sauce, which you would think, would be pretty good but even I was surprised, they were not so good. The sauce wasn’t any where sweet enough, the bread, oh I don’t know but It just didn’t taste right, the plum was just new to me so I don’t know and I kept thinking “hasn’t anyone ever thought to fill these with nutella? They could be so much better?” then like 3 minutes after that Astrid said hey we could fill these with nutella or… you guessed it, orange marmalade. Oh god not again!
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We had “Pallachnkin” which they say are just like pancakes but thinner, but in reality they are crêpes. But they were good, you spread nutella and whipped cream on it and roll it up. Yes they are so good!

At breakfast today they ate a half boiled egg? Sam was right they do like only eat half cooked eggs sorry but…What?! It does not taste good as far as eggs go. One of these days I would like to make breakfast, scrambled fully cooked eggs! With whole wheat/ “bird seed” toast with like half a pat of butter and blueberries and bananas and apples and orange juice. Umm! Sounds so good!

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