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September 27th 2008
Published: September 27th 2008
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So we've been chilling (both literally in figuratively) in the Alps this past week. The actual place is St. Johann im Pongau, but they don't have the location on this blog, so I picked one close by.
We've been staying in a nice hotel where, once again, we don't quite fit in, but everyone's been real nice and we've met a couple cool people (mostly much older than us). The view from our hotel room is incredible, with mist-shrouded mountains every morning that burn off by afternoon to show the snow-capped peaks beneath them. The other day we took a trip with this guy we met at the hotel (a bit of a Dead-head, but a real nice guy). He drove us out to the Liechtensteinklamm, which is a gorge cut straight through one of the mountains nearby. They have a pathway set up that takes you up alongside the gorge, sometimes over the water, and sometimes through long, dimly-lit tunnels, all the way up to a waterfall at the head of the gorge. It was stunning, but I'm afraid the pictures I'm posting really won't be able to capture the true beauty of the place.
Other than that, we've just been hanging out around the pool, finally taking some time to get work done on my thesis, and watching the presidential campaign. I'm going to refrain from injecting my political views into this blog, but all I can say is that they're both pissing me off from time to time (one more so than the other).
I hope all's well at home,

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Tough kidTough kid
Tough kid

The manikins here are much more original than back home
Gorge 6Gorge 6
Gorge 6

(and that's the guy we went with on the left)

27th September 2008

It's nice to hear from you! Austria looks just gorgeous. The picture of the Austrian boy is a bit creepy though! :) That gorge looks like it was a spectacular sight to see. Glad to hear there's been some progress on your thesis!! How about another picture of you and Curtis together so we can tell that you're still getting along with eachother?!! Love you both!! Stay warm, and safe!
27th September 2008

Your pictures are phenominal, and your exquisite use of verbage makes me want to be there. These are the best yet. I can just feel the temp, and I want to give Gorgeous Gorge #3 a big warm hug and a mug of hot chocolate. Stay safe/get warm. Love you guys, mom
30th September 2008

Mom B.
Yeah, yeah! I'm with Mom B. We want to see a picture of you and Jason together, Curt! Gotta make sure you're not pullin' our leg! Maybe a picture of you two in Deuchland?!!! Love you guys, mom
30th September 2008

Old Friends
Marco! Eh Marco! What are you doing on this side of the pond when you could be chasing around Europa with these crazy boys? How long will it take you to catch up with them? I KNOW you want to! Mama H
30th September 2008

creepy Austrian
Yeah, that Austrian boy is a bit creepy looking. Maybe he'll loosen up after he gets into a few weight lifting competitions. ("It's not a tuuumah!") Please tell us they don't all look like that, because as you know, all of us American women look JUST LIKE the mannikens in our store windows!
30th September 2008

"creepy Austrian"
En Ingles, Mannequin es correcto. You should look it up and see how many folks are really disturbed by mannequins! It is truely creepy! Lo siento mucho. mama

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