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October 5th 2008
Published: October 5th 2008
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We are in a village in Southern Germany near Lake Constance right now, which is on the Swiss/German/Austrian border. We went to Oktoberfest last night, so pardon any spelling or grammatical mistakes. After Austria we travelled by train up to a town in Germany called Offenburg. We had not notified anybody that we were going to be in the area, and we arrived somewhat late and were unable to contact anybody by telephone, so we were left with two choices: we could sleep in the station, where the weather is about 40 F, or we could go to the hotel. Jason went to the hotel and explained to the receptionist that we had no money and were stranded, and asked here where the cheapest place in the town was. She told us that nowhere was cheap...
We decided to take a one-bed room in the hotel, and we made a deal that in exchange for the breakfast that was included in the price, we would save five euros. We paid the price for the one-bed room minus breakfast, walked up the stairs, and opened the door... to find two beds. Jason apparently can put on a very vulnerable face. Or
Parade in AustriaParade in AustriaParade in Austria

A parade we passed on our way to the train station in Austria. These guys where cracking their whips in rhythms.
we are starting to truly look ragged.
The next day we called Jasons relative Sylvia and were able to get ahold of her. She was surprised to hear from us, but invited us to stay with her in Kenzingen. We took her out for a Yugoslavian dinner as thanks. Her house was beautiful, and we spent a few nice (and fun!) evenings with her. The town of the couple (Florian and Isabel) that we met while camping in Italy was not far from Kenzingen, so we split our time in the area with Sylvia and with Florian and Isabel. We went out to a 'farmer's disco' with them and we went to a "farmers' driving range" to try and learn how to swing a golf club. They also took us to Strassbourg, where we saw a beautiful cathedral and ate flamkougen (tortillas with cream, onions and bacon), and they took us to Freiburg to see another beautiful cathedral and to have a drink in a cafe at the top of a skyscraper that overlooked the entire city.
Florian and Isabel (and their families) were sad to see us go, and were the first people that have 'seen us off' at a train station thus far. They have promised to visit us in Madrid, and then later in California.
From that region we took a train here to the Lake Constance area, where we are staying with a girl that we met while CouchSurfing in Granada. She is having a birthday party tonight, and tomorrow we are headed for Switzerland. I believe that is all.
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An alpAn alp
An alp

A real, genuine, bona-fide alp there in the distance.
Find the City BoyFind the City Boy
Find the City Boy

Checking out a corn field in Kenzingen
Real Seasons in GermanyReal Seasons in Germany
Real Seasons in Germany

..and yes, fall here is cold.

In Strasbourg... just across the Rhine into France

6th October 2008

friends and clothespins
Hi Guys! Another great blog entry...and still loving the pictures...I especially liked the "find the city boy" picture of the corn field! Is there a prize? ...because I found him first! You sure are getting must be nice to have friends all over the world! Especially someone who likes you enough to do your laundry for you! (Yes, I heard that Silvia did all your laundry and that you had to return later to pick it up since it had to be hung out to dry...was that the pitiful, vulnerable faces at work again??) Yes, word spreads quickly from Kensingen to California. ;) Well, I suppose you're in Switzerland by now, so we'll be expecting another blog update soon. love you both! keep yourselves safe and warm! love, mom
11th October 2008

hola viajeros!
Me gustaria el bloggo. Este viaje es muy devertido para nosotros tambien. What a great trip you're having. I've never met Jason but I like him already. Hora ley con el viaje! Marko

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